Thursday, August 25, 2016


  1. Even though I have a front fender headlight I still wait till dawn to begin my ride!
  2. Playing on my smart phone means my ride begins 15 minutes AFTER dawn...
  3. Question: Have you ever worried that you may get a ticket for riding in a park before it officially opens?
  4. Early morning fog covering Simpson Park guarantees I ride that section first!
  5. Last week's Sewer Treatment Plant Shutdown guarantees Simpson Lake smells like a 72-acre Porta Potty that hasn't been serviced all Summer...
  6. Question: Have you ever smelled something so bad that you could taste it on your teeth?
  7. Dear Spider #1) Thank You for hanging a dead leaf in your invisible web so I know where not to ride my bike!
  8. Dear Spider #2) YOU SUCK...
  9. Question:  Have you ever rode through a spider web so thick that when you cleaned it off of you it pulled up your shirt?
  10. I love riding my bike early mornings along the almost abandoned Greenway!
  11. I avoid eye contact with The Creepy Guys In Their Pick Up Trucks Near the Park's Restrooms...
  12. Question: Have you ever worried you might look like A Creepy Guy Near The Park's Restroom while waiting for dawn?

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