Thursday, June 2, 2016

America is not an ugly place

The Racists and Willfully Ignorant will always try and make America an ugly place.  The good news is that there are not enough Racists and Willfully Ignorant people in America to elect Donald Trump as President.  There is a difference between Republicans and Democrats and that is why I am proud to be an American and a Democrat.  Democrats are not perfect and I continue to fight against the ignorance in my own party, PeTA for instance.  Even with the Democratic Crazies the Republicans will still stand out for their ignorance and hatred.  I'd like to say after the election the Racists and Willfully Ignorant will quiet down, but that is not how they operate.  They will always shout their ignorance and hatred until they die, that is who they are at their core; ugly, UGLY people.  And since that is the base support of the Republican Party, there will not be another Republican in a National Office until they excise their reliance on ignorance and hate...


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