Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Introducing my newest bike...

a 1965 Schwinn American Cruiser

Monday, August 31, 2015


(this is NOT my video)

Tiffany and I spent 6 days and 5 nights in NYC (Aug 20th to 25th)!  The first four nights we spent at LE PARKER MERIDIEN and the last night at THE PLAZA!  Here are my pictures and videos...

THE PLAZA faces Central Park!

Tif Tif at Le Parker Meridien!

We arrived at Lambert Airport early Thursday morning before the TSA's even showed up.  Loaded the plane successfully and took off without a hitch.  20 minutes later the pilot announced there was an indicator light that 'indicated' there was no oil in one of the engines so we turned around and landed back at Lambert Airport.  1 hour later (and a truckload of oil) we took off again and of course the delay ruined our planned schedule for our 1st day and messed up our plans for the entire trip.  So that is how we ended up seeing all of New York City 'on the fly'.  We walked to MACY's to pick up our Travel Coupons (as a Travel Agent Tif got us into the majority of the NYC Attractions cheaply or for FREE!) and then decided what the heck let's go see THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.  Turns out pretty much every where we wanted to go was within walking distance of LE PARKER MERIDIEN...


Mr. Skyline keeps his eye on NYC...
Step Up

Tourists (I hate "Selfie Sticks")

From the ESB...

From the ESB...
From the ESB...
From poolside atop Le Parker Meridien...

From poolside atop Le Parker Meridien...
I don't remember from on top
of what building I took this one...

From the ESB, NYC Skyline at night...
We planned to see the Observation Decks at both major NYC skyscrapers we were visiting early in the morning and then back again late at night (after sunset).  Stupid American tourists I can take, because at least they can understand directions and commands by Security.  Stupid foreign tourists with English as their second language (IF they understood English at all) really tested my progressive Liberalism.  By the 6th day I was very proud of myself that I had not committed murder.  "David Smith, on the Observation Deck, with the Selfie Stick!"*  Not really sure what to do between the two visits to The Empire State Building we decided to visit The HERSHEY STORE (we already had a custom Hershey Bar from Chicago and wanted to add to our collection).  So Tif punches in our destination into her GPS and off we go.  Dupe De Do, Dupe De Do.  1st Left, Right 2 blocks, Left again then 2nd Right. Come to find out The Hershey Store is in the middle of TIMES SQUARE.  How fun!  After killing time in Times Square we took the elevator to the pool on top of Le Parker Meridien and took lots of pictures...
*from the board game CLUE

 Our second day in NYC we got up early and met our 9-11 Tour Guide at a restaurant called COSI.  He guided us through the NYC Subway System and gave us a guided tour of the 9-11 site and Downtown/Wall Street.

I had a square bagel for breakfast
My Cousin Tim works here,
"Hi Tim!"

9-11 Memorial
On the day that would have been their
Birthday, 9-11 volunteers place a white
Rose next to their name...
St. Paul's Chapel, a Church
near the 9-11 Site
FDNY Ten House,
across from the WTC

I ate at a Food Cart
every single chance I got...
Neighborhood near the WTC

No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time -Virgil (behind this wall is the Reliquary of the 9-11 Victims)

Destroyed Fire Truck
inside the 9-11 Museum
Me atop Le Parker Meridien!
We ate Dinner at NEW TOPAZ!
    1. Ripped off by a NYC Food Cart Vendor? check! 
    2. Over-tipped a NYC Cab Driver to get me somewhere on time? check!
    3. Spotted a NYC Rat? check!
    4. Accosted by a Times Square Strip Club Barker? check!
    5. Got lost on the NYC Subway System? check!
    6. Forced to listen to vulgar people cuss on the Subway? check!
    7. Smelled Horse Poop on the streets? check!
    8. Smelled Human Poop on the streets? check!
    9. Walked past a Homeless man sleeping on a pile of trash bags? check!
    10. Inconvenienced by clueless Tourists? check!

(a work in progress, more to come)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tif & I leave for our NYC Trip on August 20th!

I am very excited!  Tif & I haven't had a 'real' vacation in a long time.  We originally were staying for 5 days but decided to add on another day.  We are staying at Le Parker Meridien for the first 5 nights and at The Plaza Hotel for the last one.  The Plaza is ON Central Park and will be our home base as we spend a day exploring the park.  Le Parker Meridien is centrally located to our activities in NYC and is a really nice Hotel.  While in NYC we will take a boat tour that circles the island, another night time boat tour, a walking tour of the WTC site, visit the WTC museum, go up into The Empire State building in the daytime and after dark, go up into the Rockefeller Building in the daytime and after dark, visit The Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, Times Square, Central Park and we may take a double decker bus tour (daytime/night time depending on time allowed).  We also have a free half day to do whatever we want/ go shopping.  I am VERY excited...


Saturday, March 14, 2015

I just ordered a new set of Patriotic Bunting

I put up two 6" x 3" Patriotic Fans on my balcony railings every year on April 5th.  My original set was sun burned and my upstairs neighbor managed to actually burn a cigarette hole in one, so they needed replacing.  I have a new set on order.  I usually take them down on the 4th of July.


new New NEW!

  1. My favorite Marlin Fishing cap came from LL BEAN (but they no longer make them!)
  2. My second favorite Marlin Fishing cap came from Quaker Marine Supply (out of business!)
  3. I just found the original owner of Quaker Marine Supply on eBay (notice the new cap!)

  1. My first Matt & Kim concert I went with Tiffany (and she hated it because they cussed!)
  2. My second Matt & Kim concert the speaker tower went out halfway thru the concert (no way!)
  3. I now have a third chance to see MATT & KIM (notice the new tix!)

  1. The first time I found this CHUCK BERRY shirt they didn't have my size (crap!)
  2. The second time I found this CHUCK BERRY shirt they didn't have my size (crap crap!)
  3. They just received new stock of my favorite CHUCK BERRY shirt (notice the new shirt!)
MATT & KIM Fri May the 8th 8pm

David steals some jokes off of the internets...

Snapping Turtle: "Hey Buddy.  Wanna to hear a joke?"
Me: 'Sure
Snapping Turtle: "A Man was walking thru the swamp and lost his favorite Bible in the muck.
Three weeks later a Snapping Turtle walks up to him carrying a Bible in his mouth.
The Man couldn't believe his eyes.
He takes his favorite Bible out of the Turtle's mouth, raises his eyes heavenward and exclaims, "IT'S A MIRACLE!"
"Not really", says the Snapping Turtle, "your name is written on the inside cover..."
Me: 'You're a pretty good comedian, can I take a picture with you?'
Snapping Turtle: "Sure!"
Sea Turtle:  "That's nothing I have a better joke!"
Me:  'Lay it on me'
Sea Turtle:  "Lean in close and I'll whisper it into your ear"
 Sea Turtle:  "A policeman in the big city stops a man in a car with a sea turtle in the front seat. "What are you doing with that turtle?" He exclaimed, "You should take it to the aquarium." The following week, the same policeman sees the same man with the sea turtle again in the front seat, with both of them wearing sunglasses. The policeman pulls him over. "I thought you were going to take that turtle to the aquarium!" The man replied, "I did. We had such a good time we are going to the beach this weekend!"
Sea Turtle: "Told you it was better"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Man and a Cruiser bike walk into a bar...

I biked 9 miles on the Greenway on Sunday.

I biked 12 miles around Creve Cour Lake on Monday.

Here are two pictures...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Anti-Vaxers are my second favorite stupid people...

I firmly believe it is every parent's right to believe any old rumor they read on the internet and only THEY should get to chose which disease will permanently disable or end the lives of their children!