Monday, October 20, 2014

Riding inside a rubber tire down a steep hill...

That is what my life has been like. Fast, a little bit crazy and everything goes in circles. What goes around comes around. Watch what you wish for. Whubba Whubba.  Spin. Spin. Spin.  ::PUKE::
Drawn in by Bing's singing voice I stayed to watch Yvonne Craig...
So I'm at Tif's place on Monday morning (I'm supposed to be redoing one of the two Vivariums at MY place) and I find HIGH TIME playing on the TV (probably on TCM). Tuesday Weld is supposed to be the big female draw for this film but instead I'm drawn to Yvonne Craig. Hubba Hubba!

I look up Yvonne Craig on the Internets and VOILA! I know this actress! No wonder I think she's pretty. A classically trained Ballerina and actress. She was BATGIRL (in the slapstick TV series), MARTA (the green-skin dancing slave girl on Star Trek), in TWO Elvis movies and countless TV appearances.
Everything moves in circles. She starred in a cult classic Sci-fi movie called MARS NEEDS WOMEN. A sample from that movie was used by the electronic House dance group MARRS in their 1987 #1 hit PUMP UP THE VOLUME!

Mars                                      Needs                                   Women

I danced and danced and danced to this song at SHATTERED in Columbia Mo.  Last Saturday Tif & I traveled to the Crystal City Underground to take their barge tour.  As we were checking in at the front  entrance of the mine the lady behind the bar gave us details of their upcoming events. They are hosting an Electronic Music dance and after looking at our frumpy MIZZOU sweat shirts declared "I'm not into that kind of music, and from the looks of things neither are you two".  At the exact same time that the lady was speaking to me, underneath my MIZZOU hoodie I was wearing this tee shirt:
The secret to being a good dancer is NOT caring what other people think.  Oh and rhythm, you HAVE to have rhythm...

The LORDS OF ACID are an electronic dance band that I have danced to countless times at RAVES in Columbia, MO (back when Raves were just about dancing and you drank energy drinks & smoothies because you needed the energy and the Rave Promoters couldn't get a liquor license and before the ecstasy drug ruined everything) 


Never judge a book by it's cover!
(except that is exactly how I choose which books I read)
And NEVER judge a 49 yr old man by his hoodie!
(it is NOT frumpy, I look good in my hoodie)

This is what I looked like on Saturday, ok maybe I am a little bit frumpy...


I am EXACTLY the kind of person that would dance
in an old salt mine to Electronic music.

The wheel turns,
you hit a bump,
bounce high,
land hard
and continue to spin
madly down the hill...

(Because in my head I am ALWAYS dancing)

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