Monday, January 27, 2014

I dreamed about Pap-pa the other night

It was a good dream.  I was in Portageville, MO. and my Aunt Kathy asked for my help with a large walk-in shower in her basement whose water was running rust colored.  She showed me her new faucets that had multiple fancy electronic components poking out of the back that plugged into the shower wall.  She laid down on her side in the bottom of the shower and peered up at her problem spouts.  After looking at the replacement hardware I declared that I couldn't fix the problem but Pap-pa probably could.  At one point (IRL) Pap-pa owned a whole city block of Downtown Portageville and earlier in the day in my dream his fictional General Store Mgr asked for my help conducting a Store Inventory.  In my dream this was the kind of General Store that carried every thing you might need on a farm or in your house, a little of this and a little of that.  Some of the merchandise had set on the shelf unsold since the 50's in it's original boxes.  Lots of old Point of Purchase signage that nowadays is considered 'collectible'.  I'm pretty good at running Inventories so I volunteered to do the count and had completed it prior in my dream.  After speaking with my Aunt Kathy I entered the General Store through a door 3/4 up the wall on the right side of the store towards the back.  You can see the entire length of the General Store from that vantage point and as I entered the store and stood at the top of the stairs Pap-pa entered the store through the front door.  I distinctly remember the feeling of Pap-pa entering the room as I stood on the landing of the stairs.  In my dream it was like a roar.  Not a brash loud uncouth roar, but as a laughing positive presence that filled the room.  Pap-pa walks down the aisle joking with everyone he passes because he knows everyone in town, and everyone in his General Store knows and likes him.  His Store Mgr walks up to him and Pap-pa asks how the Inventory went and the Store Mgr reports that I did a good job and the Inventory number came in at pretty much what she thought it would.  Pap-pa turns and looks up at me and says something like "Of course David did a good job, he's my grandson isn't he?"  I smiled down at him and wiggled my fingers hello at him.  It was like Pap-pa was still alive and I was in the room with him.  It was so real.  Talking about the dream the next day brought tears to my eyes because I could so easily recall what it was like being around Pap-pa.  It was a good dream.

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