Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Between my sore butt, waiting around for my delinquent Sony repairman, and the rainy spring weather I haven't been biking since last week.  At this very moment I am sitting on my sore butt in my apartment clubhouse waiting for the Sony repairman while watching the pouring rain come down.  It has been over two weeks since they finally admitted they had to fix the broken 'select' button on my laptop (cause it's under warranty).  The Sony repairman has failed to call me on two different days after he promised he would.  He called three times to cancel a repair appointment when I was sitting there waiting for him.  I cancelled one rescheduled repair appointment after he cancelled a morning one, he doesn't do mornings it seems.  I'll be damned if I dance to his darn schedule.  The odds are he won't call me back or show up for the scheduled repair today.  I'm on to his tricks.  "Hello Sony!"

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOT biking!

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