Monday, April 8, 2013


Every April I put up my patriotic bunting and I take it down on July 4th
Saturday March 30th Tiffany and I headed out to the Meramec Greenway.  She to walk a part of the trail and me to ride RAMBLER.  I ended up stopping three times to adjust my new saddle.  Did I mention that IT'S HUGE!  The first time I had to level the saddle.  The second time I moved it as far back as I could on the seat post.  I finally figured out that I had it set too high and needed to lower the seat post about an inch or so.  Come to find out, the wrench that came with my bike tool kit DID NOT fit the nut on my seat post so I couldn't lower my saddle.  So I ended my ride sooner than expected.  That and I was really wore out.  I had not biked any since the end of last summer (or so) when my Serfas saddle bit the dust.  So Tiffany is surprised to see me behind DEERSLAYER loading my bike when she is done walking.  At this point I'm a little worried that it's not the height of the saddle that's slowing me down and making biking difficult, it's that I haven't biked in a long time and I have to start all over again just to get where I was when I stopped biking last year.  Depressing.  So a whole week goes by and I don't bike. I don't lower my saddle.  I just stew. 

.oObubbleOo.  .oObubbleOo.  .oObubbleOo. 

Sunday morning and Tif's at Church so I'm like, LET'S BIKE!  I lower my saddle.  Fill my water bottle.  Head out to the Greenway, and...

I haven't lost my biking skills.  It WAS the height of the saddle and I pedal my way across 12 miles of the Meramec Greenway.  Did I mention that I voted for PROPOSITION P?  I did!  Yay more Greenway!  So the weather was beautiful yesterday.  Lots of people on the trail.  Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Bluebirds, the whole works!  The trees are still bare but they will be budding out soon.  I'm biking around Simpson Lake and I think to myself, it's still too early for turtles to be out sunning themselves on floating logs and then I come to the floating log that has the turtles sunning themselves on it.  Great Day for Biking!  After I'm done I wait for Tiffany to get home and we end up going out to MOBO GARDENS and walking around. 

Magnolia Tree in bloom at The Missouri Botanical Gardens

We love to walk around the lake in the Japanese Gardens.  Everything is blooming and budding and the smell of the flowers is intoxicating.  So a couple of  quick stops on the way home.  As we walk the grocery store I realize my legs are weak and my back is a bit sore.  I am 47 you know.  The harsh reality is 12 miles on the bike and walking the entire length of the Missouri Botanical Gardens is a bit too much exercise for a guy that hasn't biked since last year.  Carrying my groceries home in the rain from Tiffany's apartment to my place I step on a big dirt clod on the sidewalk that is actually a mud clod (rain does that to dirt).  Long skid short.  David goes down.  Hard.  The harsh reality is 12 miles on the bike, walking the entire length of the Missouri Botanical Gardens and carrying heavy groceries home in the rain is WAY TOO MUCH EXERCISE for a guy that hasn't biked since last year.  The most important question is...

Did anyone see me slip on the mud and fall down?


Luckily everyone else has more sense than me and are already in their apartments.  Cause, it's raining.  Set my groceries down on the kitchen floor and carefully walk to my bathroom.  I do not want to get blood on my new Dickie's Shorts.  Prop my leg up on the toilet and wash the dirt and mud from my skinned knee.  Apply over-sized band aid to my knee cap and sleep like the dead.  Monday morning.  Wake up.  Remove bandage to allow my wounded knee to breath and heal properly.  Pack up RAMBLER and head out to the Meramec Greenway and bike 9 miles (I'm a glutton for punishment.  My legs were tired but I know that will go away as soon as I bike past the 3rd mile.  The trees are still bare but after last night's rain the entire understory has greened up overnight.  There were some people walking on the trail and I got to see 6 pelicans on Simpson Lake.  I tried to get a picture but they were too far away for the zoom on my camera phone.  So instead please enjoy a picture of RAMBLER on the back of DEERSLAYER parked in Micky Dee's lot where I am sitting in a booth using their free Internet to post on my blog...

I had the small McChicken Extra Value Meal (don't judge me)

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