Friday, December 27, 2013

The War On Christmas...

The HATE & IGNORANCE you hear the most this time of year 
is usually shouted by people that claim to be "Christians" 
but have clearly never even read the Bible...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I biked 6 miles today.  1/3 of the Greenway is impassable due to flooding.  I'm happy to report that my butt doesn't hurt...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Between my sore butt, waiting around for my delinquent Sony repairman, and the rainy spring weather I haven't been biking since last week.  At this very moment I am sitting on my sore butt in my apartment clubhouse waiting for the Sony repairman while watching the pouring rain come down.  It has been over two weeks since they finally admitted they had to fix the broken 'select' button on my laptop (cause it's under warranty).  The Sony repairman has failed to call me on two different days after he promised he would.  He called three times to cancel a repair appointment when I was sitting there waiting for him.  I cancelled one rescheduled repair appointment after he cancelled a morning one, he doesn't do mornings it seems.  I'll be damned if I dance to his darn schedule.  The odds are he won't call me back or show up for the scheduled repair today.  I'm on to his tricks.  "Hello Sony!"

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOT biking!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Reasons I Love Riding My Bike

  1. It makes me happy
  2. Fashion (winks)
  3. Exercise
  4. Social Contact (a head nod counts)
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Nature (turtles on floating logs)
  7. Time to think
  8. Music appreciation (cell phone playlist)
  9. Bragging Rights
  10. Showing off RAMBLER (::honks my tank horn::)

Bad Weather, so no biking for me...


It's raining, it's pouring,
The old man is boring.
He went to bed,
his legs felt like lead,
and his butt was sore in the morning.

(think I might have overdone it a bit yesterday)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This is what I see every time I load RAMBLER on the back of DEERSLAYER

For me biking is more than exercise.  I pick out my outfit for my bike ride.  I fill up my water bottle.  I carry my bike up to my car.  I load my bike on the back of DEERSLAYER.  I drive past Dairy Queen, Fritz's Custard, and my favorite house in Valley Park.  I drive down an original brick paved road and underneath a railroad bridge built in 1930 to The Meramec Greenway parking lot that I favor.  I select the play list I'll be listening to while I ride.  I pick the leg that I'll be staring on and...

I push off.
Today I pretty much rambled.  No land speed records set by yours truly.  I rode the Simpson Lake leg.  I rode the leg that reminds me of Ft. Riley.  As I finish the first half of the Valley Park leg I ride past the entrance to the Levee bike trail.  I wonder what it's like to ride the bike trail way up there.  As I turn around for the second half of the leg I decide to pedal UP the entrance to the Levee bike trail.  It's steep.  I turn left and coast down the bike trail off of the Levee to discover that the bike trail starts about 100 ft from where I got on.  Now I have to pedal back UP to the Levee bike trail.  It's steep.  I follow this new trail (new to me anyway) as it parallels the Valley Park leg of the Meramec Greenway.  It ghosts along between Valley Park and the Meramec Greenway and I've seen snippets of it as I drive thru town and when I'm riding on the Greenway.  It's high up, and the wind is really ripping across the top of the Levee.  I pedal along and discover what Valley Park looks like from the other side of things.  Not all that pretty really.  Following the bike trial I end up crossing the road that I usually drive on to get to the Greenway parking lot on top of the Levee Gate.  I'm not sure if that's the correct name for it.  It's where a road pierces the Levee and there is a huge cement gate you drive through and there are metal tracks that cross the road where you can lock in big cement doors to seal off the Levee in times of flood.  ::shrugs::  Riding on top of the Levee there is a big change in perspective.  I was used to seeing the Levee Gates from ground level as I drive thru them not from the top as you ride over them.  Here is a picture of what I am talking about...
My Keister cries "Uncle"
As you approach the Levee Gate the paved bike path turns right and descends to street level where sensible people can then cross the road and ascend back up the paved bike path to the other side of the Levee Gate.  I think you can see where this is going.  Straight ahead of me the bike path degrades to a loose gravel trail that goes right up to the cement bridge on top of the Levee Gate.  Not an exactly bike friendly approach.  I of course do the UN sensible thing and pick up speed on the sketchy gravel path and barrel my way to the Levee Gate bridge.  RAMBLER has a front Springer Fork and my new RavX saddle has lots of trail bump reducing features.  It is not enough, not nearly enough.  I hit the cement slope.  Hard.  I make it up to the top owing to momentum and dumb luck only to realize that the exact same incline is waiting for me on the other side of the Levee Gate.  In for a penny, my tailbone gets a pounding!  ::whee, BUMP, ouch::  I ride the bike path on top of the Levee until it starts to veer left away from the Water Treatment Plant next to Simpson Lake.  Uncharted Territory.  I don't know where this path goes or how far.  I know, let's text Tiffany and ask her!  Me, "I'm on the Levee Trail that runs next to the GREENWAY.  I'm on the leg that veers left at the Water Treatment Plant next to Simpson Lake.  Where does this Levee Trail go?"  Tif, "I dunno."  Thanks Sweetie.  So all full of the Lewis & Clark spirit I follow the trail to see where it leads.  It's really windy on top of the Levee.  As I pedal along I get to admire all the small dark ducks floating in the settlement ponds next to the Water Treatment Plant.  I have no idea what species.  Pedal.  Pedal.  Pedal.  I get to see the back side of the other side of Valley Park.  Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.  The bike trail dead ends about two blocks from the large Catholic Church next to the levee near a railroad bridge trestle.  It looks like this...
Pay no attention to all the Canadian Geese poop I had to dodge on the bike trail
That's RAMBLER in the corner.  I love my bike.  It's a 1995 copy of a 1955 Schwinn Cruiser and it weights over 60lbs.  I'm bragging.  Twice.  Once for how cool my bike is and the second time for how much it weighs.  Here's another picture so you can appreciate just how pretty my bike is...
Since I've stopped to take some pictures I get out my water bottle for a drink and no sooner do I have the screw lid off than the wind blows across the top of the water bottle and it sounds like I'm on a HEE-HAW rerun.  Gloom Despair and Agony on me...  Saddle up and pedal back the way I came, take the bike trail off ramp besides the Levee Gate Bridge and link back up to the Greenway at Simpson Lake.  All in all I'm guessing I biked somewhere between 14 and 15 miles today.  I'm tired.  Here's a pretty picture...
Flowering tree at my apartment complex

Monday, April 8, 2013


Every April I put up my patriotic bunting and I take it down on July 4th
Saturday March 30th Tiffany and I headed out to the Meramec Greenway.  She to walk a part of the trail and me to ride RAMBLER.  I ended up stopping three times to adjust my new saddle.  Did I mention that IT'S HUGE!  The first time I had to level the saddle.  The second time I moved it as far back as I could on the seat post.  I finally figured out that I had it set too high and needed to lower the seat post about an inch or so.  Come to find out, the wrench that came with my bike tool kit DID NOT fit the nut on my seat post so I couldn't lower my saddle.  So I ended my ride sooner than expected.  That and I was really wore out.  I had not biked any since the end of last summer (or so) when my Serfas saddle bit the dust.  So Tiffany is surprised to see me behind DEERSLAYER loading my bike when she is done walking.  At this point I'm a little worried that it's not the height of the saddle that's slowing me down and making biking difficult, it's that I haven't biked in a long time and I have to start all over again just to get where I was when I stopped biking last year.  Depressing.  So a whole week goes by and I don't bike. I don't lower my saddle.  I just stew. 

.oObubbleOo.  .oObubbleOo.  .oObubbleOo. 

Sunday morning and Tif's at Church so I'm like, LET'S BIKE!  I lower my saddle.  Fill my water bottle.  Head out to the Greenway, and...

I haven't lost my biking skills.  It WAS the height of the saddle and I pedal my way across 12 miles of the Meramec Greenway.  Did I mention that I voted for PROPOSITION P?  I did!  Yay more Greenway!  So the weather was beautiful yesterday.  Lots of people on the trail.  Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Bluebirds, the whole works!  The trees are still bare but they will be budding out soon.  I'm biking around Simpson Lake and I think to myself, it's still too early for turtles to be out sunning themselves on floating logs and then I come to the floating log that has the turtles sunning themselves on it.  Great Day for Biking!  After I'm done I wait for Tiffany to get home and we end up going out to MOBO GARDENS and walking around. 

Magnolia Tree in bloom at The Missouri Botanical Gardens

We love to walk around the lake in the Japanese Gardens.  Everything is blooming and budding and the smell of the flowers is intoxicating.  So a couple of  quick stops on the way home.  As we walk the grocery store I realize my legs are weak and my back is a bit sore.  I am 47 you know.  The harsh reality is 12 miles on the bike and walking the entire length of the Missouri Botanical Gardens is a bit too much exercise for a guy that hasn't biked since last year.  Carrying my groceries home in the rain from Tiffany's apartment to my place I step on a big dirt clod on the sidewalk that is actually a mud clod (rain does that to dirt).  Long skid short.  David goes down.  Hard.  The harsh reality is 12 miles on the bike, walking the entire length of the Missouri Botanical Gardens and carrying heavy groceries home in the rain is WAY TOO MUCH EXERCISE for a guy that hasn't biked since last year.  The most important question is...

Did anyone see me slip on the mud and fall down?


Luckily everyone else has more sense than me and are already in their apartments.  Cause, it's raining.  Set my groceries down on the kitchen floor and carefully walk to my bathroom.  I do not want to get blood on my new Dickie's Shorts.  Prop my leg up on the toilet and wash the dirt and mud from my skinned knee.  Apply over-sized band aid to my knee cap and sleep like the dead.  Monday morning.  Wake up.  Remove bandage to allow my wounded knee to breath and heal properly.  Pack up RAMBLER and head out to the Meramec Greenway and bike 9 miles (I'm a glutton for punishment.  My legs were tired but I know that will go away as soon as I bike past the 3rd mile.  The trees are still bare but after last night's rain the entire understory has greened up overnight.  There were some people walking on the trail and I got to see 6 pelicans on Simpson Lake.  I tried to get a picture but they were too far away for the zoom on my camera phone.  So instead please enjoy a picture of RAMBLER on the back of DEERSLAYER parked in Micky Dee's lot where I am sitting in a booth using their free Internet to post on my blog...

I had the small McChicken Extra Value Meal (don't judge me)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I drove my bike route...

GOOD NEWS!  The snow is melting on the Meramec Greenway...

BAD NEWS!  The melting snow has flooded the Meramec Greenway...

I'm hoping to get to bike on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure it will be too wet on the bike trail tomorrow on Thursday.  Friday I'm spending the day with Tiffany and her nieces at SIX FLAGS (tough assignment, I know).  So hopefully Saturday is the day that I am...


Monday, March 25, 2013


This is a picture of my new bicycle saddle.  I had a large Serfas saddle that I thought was 14" across.  I discovered the RavX saddle and it had all the features of my original saddle and was much cheaper.  Because of my weight I am hard on my bicycle and on my saddles.  My Serfas saddle had come loose by the nose and I can longer use it or ride RAMBLER.  I picked up my new RavX on ebay and got a really good deal on it.  It arrived the other day and...

It is HUGE!  My new saddle hangs 2" off of each side of my old saddle.  My Serfas was only 10" across.  Luckily I have a big butt and no one will notice how over sized my new saddle is while I am riding (except when it's loaded on the back of DEERSLAYER).  We just got 12" of snow here in STL and as soon as it all melts I will be flying down the bike trails.  For Christmas my brother got me a video camera mount for my handle bars and gave me his old video camera.  Expect the video asap...
14" Baby!