Friday, July 13, 2012

Old women and loose dogs

At this point I can pop out 9 miles without even thinking about the distance I just biked.  Take today for instance, I can't remember if I biked 9 or 12 miles.  Today three interesting things happened:

  1. When I pulled into the parking lot I scared a 5-Lined Ground Squirrel and he took off running across the whole parking lot.  He needs his Chipmunk card pulled, that is NOT how you survive a dive bombing hawk.  Just saying...
  2. As I was finishing a leg of my ride I was coasting downhill and approaching the blind corner to the next leg of my ride.  As usual I reached with my left thumb for my bike bell arm to sound an alarm before I roar around the corner.  I missed the little toggle arm and looked down to more accurately place my thumb on my bike bell arm.  As my thumb squarely hits the bell arm something colorful swims into my immediate field of vision.   SHOVE on the bell, no sound comes out.  It's an elderly woman wearing a cute sun hat on her bike coming from the opposite direction.  "Sorry" she wobbles out and stops smack dab in the middle of my side of the bike trail.  I react out of instinct to miss her and end up swinging wide and crossing onto the actual roadbed next to the trail.  Luckily there were no cars about or I'd have been toast.  As I pass her my hands are shaking and I look down to see what is wrong with my bell and why it didn't sound.  The toggle arm is bent 90 degrees straight down hugging the bell's side.  I RANG THAT BELL!  I unbend the toggle arm and continue my bike ride (it works fine now).
  3. On the same leg of my ride I'm approaching another bend so I sound my bike bell.  Ding Dong, DAVID IS COMING!  When I ride around the turn past the obscuring vegetation I almost run over two pure-bred Boxers.  They are smelling the base of the metal bar that pokes out of the middle of the asphalt to keep cars from driving down the bike trail.  I have scared them.  First thought:  "I'm going to get bit!"  Second thought:  "They are loose, catch them!"  I immediately brake and begin the soft high pitched "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, come here, good boy..."  which sets one dog off running away and the other gets excited because someone is playing the "Chase me game" and he gallops around in a circle.  Beautiful dogs, one fawn and one dark chocolate.  Both have collars and tags and both are heading towards the busy road.  I about have a heart attack when the darker one runs straight onto the road while looking backwards at me.  I can't see if any cars are coming or not (there were none).  The other Boxer follows the first across the road with that goofy "You have to catch me" face that dogs that like to run away sometimes have.  Across the road is a golf course and in a matter of seconds they have crossed the quarter mile distance and are now scattering a flock of geese.  Two tiny little specks in the distance weaving in and out of the trees barking wildly sending the geese flying.  I cannot catch these two Boxers.  I resume my bike ride.  This sucks, I hate the idea that someones dog may get hit by a car.  After a while I see a young boy on the bike path walking towards me.  He's swinging a leather lead.  Then I notice the shirtless tattooed Dad about 20 feet behind him.  "Are you looking for two Boxers?"  Of course they are.  I tell them the last place I saw them.  I resume my bike ride.  I hit the end of this leg and turn around to head back to the parking lot.  Biking through the woods I come across the boy by himself and I stop and repeat all the information about the dog's location to him.  I resume my bike ride.  As I reach the space where I first saw the dogs I notice the Dad coming back dogless from across the golf course.  I turn and ride on the road a bit and bike towards him.  When I reach him I repeat all the information about the dog's location to him.  He tells me that some kid opened the door and let the dogs out to run and they got away.  He thanks me and heads back down the bike trail.  I suspect he needs his car to continue looking for his Boxers.  I finish my ride.  Load Rambler on the back of Deerslayer and pull out onto the road.  Instead of turning left towards home I turn right towards the golf course.  I pull into every drive and road starting at the dog park and finishing in the industrial area behind the golf course.  After about 10 minutes and no luck I quit and head back home.  This sucks, I hate the idea that someones dog may get hit by a car.  I cannot solve this problem.  I hope someone catches them and calls the Dad to come pick up his Boxers.  They were really beautiful dogs...

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