Sunday, July 8, 2012

Notes on this week's bike rides

 258 lbs
(Momma Turtle burying her eggs right next to the bike trail)
(It had rained the night before so she decided it was a good day to lay her eggs)
(Good job Momma Turtle, I'll keep an eye on your nest for you!)

  • I have biked every single day since last Monday (Friday July 6th doesn't count)
  • My appetite has increased w/ exercise and my weight has decreased w/ exercise (current weight posted above)
  • Found a Momma Turtle covering up her nest while out biking (various pictures posted above)
  • No one has passed me on the bike trail while I've been biking for over a year now (there were a couple of close calls though:
            gangs of 10-speeders in slick suits and a retiree moving flat out in a Recumbent Bicycle)
  • At the end of my ride I discovered one of my fingerless bike gloves sitting on the ground behind my car (*)
  • Driving home I noticed in my rear view mirror that the top flap of my bike bag was flapping in the wind (*)
  • Last night's storm lowered the temperature by 15 degrees (and made a huge mess on the bike trail)
  • I like that the Valley Park PD patrols the bike trails (even if it is inconvenient dodging cop cars on the trail)
  • When I work out it is a combination of Weightlifting and Bicycling (Rambler weighs over 75 lbs)
  • I think of myself as a Cruiser (bicycling as a way of life and as a fashion statement, David is stylin')
  • I dropped my MP3 handlebar Speaker Bag and it no longer works (but it may just need new batteries)
  • I may actually prefer biking with only 1 ear bud (listening to music AND maintaining situational awareness)

* actually the same bike ride

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