Saturday, December 3, 2011

There are some unlikeable things about myself that I need to fix...


  1. I cuss too much. 
  2. I am too quick to judge people.
  3. I am not tolerant enough.
And it's hard.  One of my less desirable personality traits is that I "blast" people.  By that I mean that I instantly form an opinion about people I see out in public, on TV or hear talking on the radio and then I think or shout out something unpleasant towards them.  Makes me look like a jerk.  It's almost second nature to me and I am having a very hard time not doing that.  I also cuss too much.  And by cussing I also include my use of racial epitaphs.  In a fit of aggression I use the worst word I can think of in regard to someones sexuality or national origin or handicap.  It's petty and ugly.  This is very embarrassing to me because I identify as a liberal and I'm often thinking or vocalizing things that are contrary to my personal beliefs system.  I don't cuss out loud in public, usually it's while I'm watching TV but it's still not a good idea.  So far I've been about half successful.  The good news is that after the unsuccessful half of the time I'm immediately regretful and I recognize my failing.  I'll keep you 'my faithful reader' updated on my efforts to change these unlikeable things about myself.  Want to know what got me fired up?  Read the following blog entry I've linked to here in my journal.  It is really extraordinary and had a large impact on me...

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