Saturday, December 31, 2011

I wavered on whether I should post about this or not...

But I'm ticked off so I am.  Recently I attached quite a few stickers to my vehicle.  I'm a bit of a bumper sticker snob so I was planning this for quite a long time.  I ordered all the round 3-4" bumper stickers that I wanted to use, layed out the placement, and once I was satisfied I put them on the rear bumper of DEERSLAYER.  I had a rear left window sticker (MIZZOU) that was giving up the ghost so I bought a sticker to replace that one also.  It is the left rear window sticker that this post is about.  Even though I currently have 9 stickers on my car it is not overwhelming or tacky (as tacky-less as bumper stickers can be I guess).  The replacement left rear window sticker was special ordered and I had to plead with the guy making them to make another for me because he had discontinued that line of stickers.  It's black vinyl and goes on the outside of your window.  It's a silhouette of a Schwinn Black Phantom bicycle with the words "Schwinn" above the main design and "Black Phantom" below the design.  Yesterday I noticed that someone had peeled off the "B" and my sticker now read "lack Phantom".  Reading this now, it does sound a bit funny to me.  Yesterday I would have happily punched the vandal in the face, and laughed as they held their bloody nose.  I don't understand the mindset of a vandal.  I have never had the impulse to deface public property, spray paint anything on the side of a train car or steal a Christmas decoration from someones front yard.*  It's destructive and mindless.  The reason I wavered on whether to post about this or not is because I didn't want to spread the idea of their vandalism any more than the people that had already seen "lack Phantom" on the side of my car.  Later I realized the Vandal wasn't only one that had a voice in this situation.  So I'm posting.  I scraped off the remaining letters below the main design so now my sticker just reads "Schwinn" above the silhouette of the Black Phantom bicycle.  I wondered if I had encouraged the vandalism by having a sticker on my car.  Or if I had encouraged the vandalism by having a sticker on the outside of my window.  NUTS to that!  Vandals do their property damage regardless of individual circumstances: cars get keyed, public workers have to remove stickers from signposts, people have to clean up the smashed pumpkins on the day after Halloween, etc.  The good news is that I don't believe the Vandal will ever get any satisfaction from reading this blog posting because the odds are that they aren't the reading kind of person...

David<~~~~~~~~~~Likes the bumper stickers on his vehicle!

* CONFESSION:  In college I had most of my classes in
the AG Building which had it's fair share of Rednecks &
Neanderthals.  After reading this written in pen on the wall of a
stall in the Men's room: "AIDS is God's way of killing Queers". 
I wrote in pencil below: "MS is God's way of killing Kids".

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