Saturday, December 31, 2011

I wavered on whether I should post about this or not...

But I'm ticked off so I am.  Recently I attached quite a few stickers to my vehicle.  I'm a bit of a bumper sticker snob so I was planning this for quite a long time.  I ordered all the round 3-4" bumper stickers that I wanted to use, layed out the placement, and once I was satisfied I put them on the rear bumper of DEERSLAYER.  I had a rear left window sticker (MIZZOU) that was giving up the ghost so I bought a sticker to replace that one also.  It is the left rear window sticker that this post is about.  Even though I currently have 9 stickers on my car it is not overwhelming or tacky (as tacky-less as bumper stickers can be I guess).  The replacement left rear window sticker was special ordered and I had to plead with the guy making them to make another for me because he had discontinued that line of stickers.  It's black vinyl and goes on the outside of your window.  It's a silhouette of a Schwinn Black Phantom bicycle with the words "Schwinn" above the main design and "Black Phantom" below the design.  Yesterday I noticed that someone had peeled off the "B" and my sticker now read "lack Phantom".  Reading this now, it does sound a bit funny to me.  Yesterday I would have happily punched the vandal in the face, and laughed as they held their bloody nose.  I don't understand the mindset of a vandal.  I have never had the impulse to deface public property, spray paint anything on the side of a train car or steal a Christmas decoration from someones front yard.*  It's destructive and mindless.  The reason I wavered on whether to post about this or not is because I didn't want to spread the idea of their vandalism any more than the people that had already seen "lack Phantom" on the side of my car.  Later I realized the Vandal wasn't only one that had a voice in this situation.  So I'm posting.  I scraped off the remaining letters below the main design so now my sticker just reads "Schwinn" above the silhouette of the Black Phantom bicycle.  I wondered if I had encouraged the vandalism by having a sticker on my car.  Or if I had encouraged the vandalism by having a sticker on the outside of my window.  NUTS to that!  Vandals do their property damage regardless of individual circumstances: cars get keyed, public workers have to remove stickers from signposts, people have to clean up the smashed pumpkins on the day after Halloween, etc.  The good news is that I don't believe the Vandal will ever get any satisfaction from reading this blog posting because the odds are that they aren't the reading kind of person...

David<~~~~~~~~~~Likes the bumper stickers on his vehicle!

* CONFESSION:  In college I had most of my classes in
the AG Building which had it's fair share of Rednecks &
Neanderthals.  After reading this written in pen on the wall of a
stall in the Men's room: "AIDS is God's way of killing Queers". 
I wrote in pencil below: "MS is God's way of killing Kids".

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweating the details

Well I waited too long to purchase the tickets to see Adam Ant and the venue is sold out.  There are tickets available on the secondary market but they are EXPENSIVE!  I'm still holding out to see if some cheaper tickets become available.  If I cannot pick up any tickets to see Adam Ant then we will NOT do the Chicago trip.  I realy want to go to Chicago to see Adam Ant perform.  I have only seen him in concert twice.  Adam is releasing a double CD in January and I cannot wait!  Cross your fingers...

David<~~~~~~~LOVES Chicago and Adam Ant!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New color morph!


(nothing to do with frogs, but still cute as hell!)

The man himself...


David<~~~~~~~HUGE Adam Ant fan!

Sunday, December 18, 2011



I shall call him RED

and he shall be known as FIELDER!

Conner meeting Santa Claus...


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Albert Pujols is leaving STL...

  1. Any Teacher is more important than any professional sports figure.
  2. Albert Pujols was featured in a TV Special where he vocalized that his feelings were hurt when he didn't go first in the draft and in fact he wasn't the most expensive Cardinal on the team.
  3. The Cardinal Organization tried to bamboozle the citizens of STL into paying for the new baseball stadium by threatening to leave the city if not given tax breaks.  It didn't work.
  4. Albert gave the Cardinals Organization first shot at signing a new contract with him before he turned free agent and they blew it.
  5. Another team was willing to pay Albert Pujols 250 million to play for them proving his worth as a baseball player.
  6. The Cardinal Organization blew it again...

David<~~~~~not an expert on baseball but can recognize greed!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Some thoughts on the current Republican slate of candidates

The Republican Party cannot win the upcoming Presidential Race. 

Here is why:
  1. The Republican candidate who has the best chance to defeat Obama is a Mormon.
  2. The Republican Fundalmentalist Christian base will NEVER vote for a Mormon.
  3. The Republican Party will put forth their Mormon candidate.
  4. The Fundalmentalists will decamp and throw their support behind a 3rd Party candidate.
  5. The Republican Party's voting strength will be divided between two candidates.
  6. Obama will win his reelection.
David<~~~~~~~~~~~is right on this issue

Saturday, December 3, 2011

There are some unlikeable things about myself that I need to fix...


  1. I cuss too much. 
  2. I am too quick to judge people.
  3. I am not tolerant enough.
And it's hard.  One of my less desirable personality traits is that I "blast" people.  By that I mean that I instantly form an opinion about people I see out in public, on TV or hear talking on the radio and then I think or shout out something unpleasant towards them.  Makes me look like a jerk.  It's almost second nature to me and I am having a very hard time not doing that.  I also cuss too much.  And by cussing I also include my use of racial epitaphs.  In a fit of aggression I use the worst word I can think of in regard to someones sexuality or national origin or handicap.  It's petty and ugly.  This is very embarrassing to me because I identify as a liberal and I'm often thinking or vocalizing things that are contrary to my personal beliefs system.  I don't cuss out loud in public, usually it's while I'm watching TV but it's still not a good idea.  So far I've been about half successful.  The good news is that after the unsuccessful half of the time I'm immediately regretful and I recognize my failing.  I'll keep you 'my faithful reader' updated on my efforts to change these unlikeable things about myself.  Want to know what got me fired up?  Read the following blog entry I've linked to here in my journal.  It is really extraordinary and had a large impact on me...

Friday, December 2, 2011

I am an Atheist...

There is no God. Atheism is a non-issue for me personally. It's like stopping people in the street and telling them that unicorns don't exist. ::shrugs:: In High School I attended Church regularly and was very active in the Youth Programs. It just didn't seem real to me, I didn't become an Atheist as much as I quit pretending to be a Christian. Most Christians are harmless enough. On a daily basis I am exposed to their cheerful repetitions of what they have been told to say, and that is easy enough to put up with. The only time I get fired up and think about Atheism is when Christians try and impose their beliefs on other people. That is when I contemplate buying a shirt that reads "Atheist" or something similar in an effort to visualize the reality that 10% of Americans are not religious. I haven't so far, the negatives outweigh any positive benefits. Having said all that, the people I get along with the best are usually religious. I consider myself a Conservative-Liberal and we usually share the same morals and values. Go figure...