Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spanish Translation

I have a program that runs on my journal that tracks who visits my site and from where they visit and what they look at.  I like following the links backwards and seeing what people googled and how they ended up at my joint.  I can pretty much can figure out which visitors are my friends and which ones are strangers to my strange world.  Having said that I came across something today that I didn't expect (nor even knew was possible).  I followed a STL link to discover that someone had translated my journal to Spanish, I assume so they could read it.  Cool huh?   I have lots of international visitors (thank you Samurai Knitter), and quite a few of my Facebook buddies that read my Journal.  It just never crossed my mind that I could click on a link and see everything that I had written, in Spanish.  ::shakes head::

David<~~I'm not internationally known. But I'm known to rock the microphone!

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