Thursday, May 19, 2011

New day New tires New glasses

I have to have my eyes checked regularly due to my Diabetes.  Yesterday my Eye Doc was surprised at how much my eye glasses prescription had changed.  It was really noticeable during the eye exam.  Good news is that there is still no sign of any Diabetic eye damage.  I purchased new frames to go with my Progressive lenses (yes I'm olde), and had the shop pop new lenses into my Ray Ban Sunglasses (the frames were still fine).  So I'm hunky dory in relation to my eye glasses.  A bit ago I purchased a pair of Pince Nez spectacles to go with my older costumes.  I may take them down and have actual prescription lenses put in so I can see while wearing them, I know, I'm so particular.  I'll take a picture of my new glasses when they arrive in about a week.  To tide all my faithful readers over, here is a stock photo of my spectacles...

(these are worn with my "Buttermilk Dave" and "Excused Duty" costumes)

I also purchased two new back tires, they were sorrily needed and the weird noise from the previously non-balanced tire is completely gone, yay me!  I should have had them rotate the front tires backwards and put the new ones on the front.  Lesson learned...


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