Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have a new job!

I just got hired on as the stunt double
for Matt Damon's new movie
The Bourne Inadequatcy...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


new shirt, New Hat & NEW GLASSES!

I pick up my new perscription Ray-Ban sunglasses today...

Or rather I pick up my old Ray-Ban sunglasses with my new perscriptions installed.   Tiffany took a picture of me in my new gear and sent it to me 2 hours ago.  As soon as it comes through I'll add it to this post...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~stylin' and smilin'

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New day New tires New glasses

I have to have my eyes checked regularly due to my Diabetes.  Yesterday my Eye Doc was surprised at how much my eye glasses prescription had changed.  It was really noticeable during the eye exam.  Good news is that there is still no sign of any Diabetic eye damage.  I purchased new frames to go with my Progressive lenses (yes I'm olde), and had the shop pop new lenses into my Ray Ban Sunglasses (the frames were still fine).  So I'm hunky dory in relation to my eye glasses.  A bit ago I purchased a pair of Pince Nez spectacles to go with my older costumes.  I may take them down and have actual prescription lenses put in so I can see while wearing them, I know, I'm so particular.  I'll take a picture of my new glasses when they arrive in about a week.  To tide all my faithful readers over, here is a stock photo of my spectacles...

(these are worn with my "Buttermilk Dave" and "Excused Duty" costumes)

I also purchased two new back tires, they were sorrily needed and the weird noise from the previously non-balanced tire is completely gone, yay me!  I should have had them rotate the front tires backwards and put the new ones on the front.  Lesson learned...


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meramec Greenway - Oh How I Love Thee

When I ride I follow the Meramec River on the bike trails.  They are all paved and in pretty good condition (unless they are covered by flood mud).  "The Powers That Be" are connecting all the individual bike trails into a web of paved trails that will become the Meramec Greenway.  You will be able to completely circle St. Louis and ride all the way around just on the Greenway.  Today Tiffany walked 1/3 of my normal bike route and I ended up biking the same route twice (4.5 miles).  It was nice exercising with the girlfriend.  On a daily basis I get to see deer, frogs, cardinals, meadowlarks, bluebirds and various other wild birds.  The worst hazard I have come across is trying NOT to inhale the floating cottonwood seeds, they tickle going up your nose.  At the moment 1/3 of my usual bike route hasn't been cleared of mud from the last flood.  Of course this section is my favorite part to bike, it reminds me of Ft. Riley, KS.  This part of the trail is maintained by the City of Kirkwood and they are failing in their duties.  Two other smaller cities they have parts of the trial within their boundaries have done a better job clearing the mud and branches off of the trail and the parking lots.  Kirkwood can kiss my shiny heiney.  Even when I'm tired or not feeling like biking, as soon as I feel the wind in my face all is forgotten and I'm loving life.  Today I averaged 7 miles per hour, not one of my better days, but it was fun.  As soon as the Meramec River is down some I hope for a nice big thunderstorm to wash the trails clean of dirt/mud/leaves and small branches.  I've decided to replace my $200 Schwinn with a $500 Worksman bicycle.  After delivery charges it'll be a six hundred bike.  I'm going with the Retro Cruiser and will supplement the factory features with a set of flashing pedals and winged reflective hubcaps.  I'm not going to trick out the new bike like my first one but it will have spoke lights and a head light and tail light of some sort.  Here is a picture of the mentioned bike...

Pretty cool huh?  I've already named the bike and I don't even own it yet.  I am going to stick to a bell instead of a horn.  Horns are funny but WAY too obnoxious for polite usage.  Zoom Zoom...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~loves riding his bike!

(and the bike will be called RAMBLER)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Current Country Totals

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10 Dec 2009 to 28 Apr 2011

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Philippines (PH) 2

Hungary (HU) 2

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Pakistan (PK) 2

Iceland (IS) 1

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Russian Federation (RU) 1

Faroe Islands (FO) 1

Hong Kong (HK) 1

Bulgaria (BG) 1

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Montenegro (ME) 1

Slovenia (SI) 1

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Singapore (SG) 1