Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've been watching CNN a lot lately and really getting fired up as The Donald attacks the President.  Not for one second do I believe that The Donald believes anything he is saying.  He is cynically playing to the lunatic fringe (re: THE BIRTHERS) of the GOP in an attempt to gather up their support prior to his Presidential Run announcement.  But it is dangerous to ally yourself with the racist BIRTHERS (whose main chant seems to be: "Obama's middle name is Hussain so he can't be an American and Hawaii isn't a State anyway") and not be painted with the same Racist paintbrush.  The Donald has painted himself into a corner and even if he shouts down the questions of the reporters, the American Public can happily answer the questions about his behaviour that The Donald doesn't want to address.  The Donald is a bad joke who's punchline can only be: Trump/Palin in 2012.  And I'm laughing and laughing and laughing...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~watching the GOP implode!

(My Apt. is completely clean
and ready for my Mom's visit)

Friday, April 1, 2011

TEJAS was fun...

Tiffany and I had a blast in TX.  San Antonio was beautiful (if a bit crowded on Spring Break).  Loved the Alamo, the Riverwalk, the Marketplace, the Mall.  Not so much the Zoo, it was old school with animals behind bars and in non educations enclosures.  We also spent a day in Waco and went to the Dr. Pepper Museum (everyone should go see this world class site), the Waco Zoo (wonderful boutique Zoo), and on the way home we stopped back at the Dr. Pepper Museum to dine at their Soda Foutain.  Helping Mom move from the Ranch to Town kicked my keister.  She downsized from 5 bedroom to 3 bedroom and I love her new place.  The new owners of the Ranch seem nice and I hope they appreciate the beautiful Ranch House my Father designed.  Lately I've been cleaning my apartment with help from Tiffany, I know right?  Let's all sing together from the FIDDLER ON THE ROOF songbook:  "Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles..."!