Friday, January 14, 2011


  • Good News!  I put Meramec Jack on the bike rack so I could go biking!
  • Bad News...It snowed and the bike lock froze imprisoning my bike on the back of my car.
  • Good News!  I bought some window de-icer to unfreeze my bike lock!
  • Bad News...It was the wrong kind so I couldn't use it.
  • Good News!  I washed the road salt and ice off of my bike daily!
  • Bad News...My handle bars are rusting, do not buy a SCHWINN bicycle.
  • Good News!  Some guy honked and gave my the thumbs up indicating he liked my bike!
  • Bad News...It's still too cold and icy to ride my bike.
  • Good News!  I just purchased a huge DING DONG bike bell for my bike!
  • Bad News...I just purchased a huge DING DONG bike bell for my bike.
  • Good News!  I bought lock de-icer and was able to free Meramac Jack!
  • Bad News...My bike is now sitting idle in my living room.
  • Good News!  Tomorrow is a new day!


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