Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4 inches of snow = no bike riding for David

I picked up my new Cruiser bike saddle tonight.  It's 10 inches across and feels like heaven.  I received a dual kickstand for my bike for Christmas.  When folded up it looks like pipes on a motorcycle and when down it keeps my bike from leaning.  Love it.  Tonight or tomorrow morning I will install the new equipment.  If the weather is semi-OK I may ride tomorrow and WILL ride on Friday fo show.  I shadowed the Meremac Greenway in my car today and checked out the bike trail's condition.  Quite a bit was completely clear and some of the trail is still under snow and ice.  Snow Snow Go Away, Blow On In Another Day (sing with me damnit)...

DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~wants to ride my bike BAD!

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