Thursday, December 30, 2010

grinning like a fool, with my foot in the tank...


by Mr. Chuck Berry
I bought a brand-new air-mobile
It custom-made, 'twas a Flight De Ville
With a pow'ful motor and some hideaway wings
Push in on the button and you will get a scene

Now you can't catch me, baby you can't catch me

'Cause if you get too close, you know I'm gone like a cool breeze

New Jersey Turnpike in the wee wee hours
I was rollin' slow because of drizzlin' showers
Here come a flat-top, he was movin' up with me
Then come wavin' goodbye a little' old souped-up jitney
I put my foot in my tank and I began to roll
Moanin' siren, 'twas a state patrol
So I let out my wings and then I blew my horn
Bye bye New Jersey, I'd be come and gone


Flyin' with my baby last Saturday night
Not a gray cloud floatin' in sight
Big full moon shinin' up above
Cuddle up honey, be my love
Sweetest little thing I've ever seen
I'm gonna name you Maybellene
Flyin' on the beam, set on flight control
Radio tuned to rock 'n' roll
Two, three hours have passed us by
I'll be 2 dropped to 5:05
Fuel consumption way too fast
Let's get on home before we run out of gas



  1. Install new Cruiser Saddle on Meramec Jack - check
  2. Install new dual kickstand on Meramec Jack - check
  3. Throw work out clothes in washing machine - check
  4. Can't wait & leave to go biking before work out clothes are done - check
  5. Load Meramec Jack onto bike rack of Deerslayer - check
  6. Load Public Image Limited into the 8-Track tape player - check
  7. Rock out to P.I.L on the drive to the Greenway - check
  8. Arrive at the Greenway and park Deerslayer - check
  9. Tune Pandora Radio on the cell phone to the Chuck Berry channel - check
  10. Install cell phone into bike speaker system of Meramec Jack - check
  11. Unload Meramec Jack and dance in a circle like a little kid - check
  12. Activate brand new Garmin to track bike ride - check
  13. Take a swig of Gatorade - check
  14. Tilt Shorty to a jaunty angle - check
  15. Begin bike ride - check
  17. Observe female Bluebird decide between two male Bluebird suitors - check
  19. Slide in the mud while taking a turn way too fast - check
  21. Startle a cute lady walking her dogs while I pass her on the trail - check
  23. Take a swig of Gatorade - check
  25. Appreciate the new mural artwork on the pumping station - check
  27. Grin like a fool as I pass people on the bike trail - check
  29. Finish off the last of the Gatorade - check
  31. Climb the last little hill at the end of my ride - check
  32. Load Meramec Jack back onto the bike rack on Deerslayer - check
  33. Post something witty on Facebook - check 
  34. Rock out to P.I.L on the drive to McDonalds - check
  35. Read the paper while eating a double cheeseburger at Micky Dees - check
  36. Be very very happy - check

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~Biking kind of a guy

"Shorty" (my porkpie hat)

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    4 inches of snow = no bike riding for David

    I picked up my new Cruiser bike saddle tonight.  It's 10 inches across and feels like heaven.  I received a dual kickstand for my bike for Christmas.  When folded up it looks like pipes on a motorcycle and when down it keeps my bike from leaning.  Love it.  Tonight or tomorrow morning I will install the new equipment.  If the weather is semi-OK I may ride tomorrow and WILL ride on Friday fo show.  I shadowed the Meremac Greenway in my car today and checked out the bike trail's condition.  Quite a bit was completely clear and some of the trail is still under snow and ice.  Snow Snow Go Away, Blow On In Another Day (sing with me damnit)...

    DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~wants to ride my bike BAD!

    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    "I don't like POLITIALLY CORRECT!"

    Is usually followed by a rude and/or racist statement.  Why is that?  Why do people want to hold onto stereotypes and prejudices so bad?  Is being polite so awful?  Here's what I think...


    DAVID<~~~~~thinks Racists smell like unplugged refrigerators after two weeks in the sun

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Time Zone.....................................


    Speak of the destruction. (x3)

    This is a world destruction, your life ain't nothing.

    The human race is becoming a disgrace.

    Countries are fighting with chemical warfare.

    Not giving a damn about the people who live there.

    Nostradamus predicts the coming of the Antichrist.

    Hey, look out, the third world nations are on the rise.

    The Democratic-Communist Relationship,

    won't stand in the way of the Islamic force.

    The CIA is looking for you.

    The KGB is smarter than you think.

    Brainwash mentalities to control the system.

    Using TV and movies - religions of course.

    Yes, the world is headed for destruction.

    Is it a nuclear war?

    What are you asking for?

    This is a world destruction. Your life ain't nothing.

    The human race is becoming a disgrace.

    The rich get richer.

    The poor are getting poorer.

    Fascist, chauvinistic government fools.

    People, Moslems, Christians and Hindus.

    Are in a time zone still searching for the truth.

    Who are you to think you're a superior race?

    Facing forth your everlasting doom.

    We are Time Zone. We've come to drop a bomb on you.

    World destruction, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom!

    This is the world destruction, your life ain't nothing.

    The human race is becoming a disgrace.

    Nationalities are fighting with each other.

    Why is this? Because the system tells you.

    Putting people in faceless categories.

    Knowledge isn't what it used to be.

    Military tactics to control a nation.

    Who wants to be a president or king? Me!

    Mother Nature is gonna work against you.

    Nothing in your power that you can do.

    Yes, the world is headed for destruction.

    You and I know it, cause the Bible tells you.

    If we don't start to look for a better life,

    the whole world will be destroyed in a time zone!

    Speak of the destruction. (x3)

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    Bad Boys Bad Boys...

    No matter how bad you feel, at least you're not one of the ignoramuses being arrested on COPS...

    David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~never been arrested!
    (Knock on wood)

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    I'm falling apart

    In 2004 I purchased my first computer and David was unleashed upon the Internet.  One of the first things I did was take some IQ Tests that I found on line.  I scored 138 (I answered the phone in the middle of the test) and 145, genius is considered 140 to 145.  Yesterday I took another on line IQ Test and scored 110.  I feel like a 110.  Slip sliding away, the nearer your destination the more you slip sliding away.  I'm sorry Paul if I butchered your lyrics.  I have a signed copy of Paul's book of lyrics, I should look that up.  Or I could use the Internet, and check the lyrics, down 35 pts but I can still punch keys on my laptop.  1000 monkeys on 1000 typewriters.  Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang viola Shakespeare!  The good thing about stream of conscious is at least I'm still conscious...

    Sick and tired

    (The following journal entry may hurt the feel-
    ings of some Republicans and all Tea-Baggers)

    1. The President of the United States is a black man, get over it.
    2. If your fondest wish is for the President of the United States of America to fail then you are also wishing for United States Citizens to suffer at the same time.
    3. It is not possible to sound sane while simultaneously complaining that our President isn't fulfilling his promises and working 24/7 to make sure he can't fulfill his promises.
    4. Voting against every single Bill the Democrats put forth doesn't help anyone one but the heads of the Republican Party in their attempt to defeat the Democrats.
    5. Unless you are a member of the top 2% of the Richest Americans, the Republican Party is working against your best interests.
    6. The Republican Party spun off the craziest 10% of their party and named them the "Tea Party".
    7. No member of the "Tea Party" has ever not voted Republican and are not an independent movement.
    8. The Boston Tea Party was about "Taxation Without Representation" NOT "Taxation By People Who Legally Won The Presidency" (Reference point number 1).
    9. The "Tea Party" didn't exist while the second President Bush was crazily spending us into a deficit, but only came to exist after a black man was elected President (you know which point to reference)
    10. I want what is best for America and right now the Republican Party and their policy of 'Defeat the Black Guy no matter who it hurts' is not what is best for America

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    My Mom sent this to me...

    My Mother is the President of the largest chapter of AUSA in the United States.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving a ton of volunteers put a Christmas Wreath on every headstone in the Texas Veterans Cementary.  This is the Wreath on my Father's grave.  Here is a picture from the National AUSA meeting in DC from about a month ago.  Mom is just left of center in the front row. 
    My Brother and I are also both members of the Central Texas/Ft. Hood AUSA Chapter (but we don't attend meetings because we live in states other than Texas).  Still it's a good organization, doing good work.