Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Excused Duty!

Search & Exterminate!

Archon was fun.  I didn't spend much time there on Friday because I wasn't feeling up to it.  Saturday was a lot more fun.  Didn't drop in on Sunday, spent the day on my BRAND NEW LAPTOP! (Thanx Mom) My costume on Friday was "Excused Duty", and NO ONE GOT THE JOKE.  David<~~sad.  I had much better luck on Saturday, LOTS of comments and people loved guessing the captured animals I was hauling around (for the record: Tribble, Cuca Bug, Face-Hugger).  I loved walking down the hallway and someone smiling because they 'got it'.  I have already thought about next year's Archon and I think I'm going to enter the masquerade.  Think...


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