Saturday, October 30, 2010


David<~~~~wants to bicycle the entire route!

Thursday, October 28, 2010




I've said it before...

and I'll say it again:

The Greatest Trick the Republican Party ever pulled off was talking people into voting against their own interests.

The Republican Party advocates for the richest 2% of Americans, the majority of Americans should look after themselves and vote with the Democratic Party. 

David<~~~~~~~~~~listened to Mamma Smith!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I just noticed...

Of all the times I've watched Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY, I just noticed at the end of the film where he's trying to deliver "The Winged Package" to the Ranch house: he has a Wilson Volleyball in the passenger's floorboard.  Love this movie...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLIM BLUFF!


Friday, October 22, 2010

What do these three things have in common?

Yesterday I did some maintenance on my bike in preparation for my ride.  I tried to install a seat post shock absorber only to find I'd purchased the wrong size.  My bad.  Next I removed the old pedals and replaced them with larger ones.  One pedal went on pretty well, the second only screwed in about halfway.  I broke the 1/2" socket attachment trying to screw the pedal in all the way.  Imagine the most mechanically handy guy you know standing next to you.  Now I'm the guy waving hello to you from across the street.  David+Tools=Nuclear Holocaust.  Just saying.  So I make sure the saddle in on straight and tight, the seat post is secure and then I'm off for my ride.  As I'm cruising around the parking lot of the bike trail I notice that two things are going wrong with my bike.  Since I purchased a Schwinn I'm used to things breaking from poor workmanship but this hits a little closer to home.  I notice a weird little wiggle in the pedal that is only screwed in halfway.  Ohhhh, the pedal is screwed in at a slight angle.  Silly David.  Also every time I turn left or right in the parking lot my saddle seems to move a little.  OK, 'seems to move a little' like hell, it moves ALOT!  No tools with me of course so I have a choice.  Go home and fix the bike.  OR.  Ride anyway.  Ha, I choose RIDE ANYWAY BABY!  So I'm off and it's not too bad.  When I get to the turn around point for a 2 mile ride I think, "It's not too bad I should ride a full 4 miles!".  Me and Custer.  Just saying.  So I'm about halfway through the next mile when I notice something.  As I pass people and say, "Hello", they all seem to be getting taller and Taller and TALLER.  And why are my knees almost hitting my chin as I pedal?  Ohhhh.  The perfect trifecta.  My seat post has now slid down to the lowest position possible and I'm reaching up to my handlebars.  So I'll paint you a picture of what I looked like yesterday riding my bike.  Imagine Festus from Gunsmoke straddling a sit and spin attached to a lowrider bicycle, and every time he pedals there is a hitch in his giddy-up.  Amused? 
I am at your service.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Moon looks beautiful tonight

It's a full moon, the night air is crisp and clean and I biked 4 miles today.

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back in the saddle again!

HSUS is up to it's usual tricks

Prop B on the November ballot was written and promoted by the Humane Society of the United States.  It is another attempt by HSUS to over-regulate an industry that they dislike.  Part of their Animal Rights strategy is to make it too costly to be in any business that involves animals.  HSUS believes that animals are the equivant  to humans, and pets are really slaves.  You can't make this stuff up.  If you live in Missouri please read up on Prop B and vote against the HSUS's attempt to change the way we live.
::climbs down from my soapbox::

David<~~~~~~hates PeTA & HSUS

(icky icky things)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"What is your favorite color?"

The Radio fills the space inside my car.  Talk radio keeps me awake on these early morning trips.  It's only a short drive to the Ferry Landing.  Early morning fog makes everything familiar seem strange and distorted.  Someone on the radio asks, "What is your favorite color?"  "Blue," I absentmindedly reply to the person that isn't even there.  Up ahead I can see the parking lights of the cars in line through the fog. They are waiting for their daily chug across the river.  The Ferry is much faster than taking the bridge.  I know most of these commuters.  We are fast friends, I even know their names.  Mr. Brown Suit, Mrs. Skirt & Tennis Shoes, White Guy With Afro, Dude-Dude, it goes on and on.  I wonder what they call me?  Upriver a tug is pushing barges around.  The Rope Kid is about to let off the workers returning home from the night shift.  Yep, there he goes, taking down the rope so the cars can drive off.  Some deterrent, don't think that rope would stop anyone that wanted to drive off the end of the Ferry.  Our turn, I'm in line behind Mrs Skirt & Tennis Shoes.  She's quick and so am I.  Parked and ready to go, fog doesn't slow us down.  It's an old dance and I know it well.  Up the stairs to the Lounge.  I notice something unusual about the tug upriver.  I'll be able to see better from the front railing.  The Ferry's engines start up and with a little bump and we are on our way.  As I wind my way through my friends (the strangers with made up names), I stare hard upriver.  I can make out the Tug and I can see the deck hands running frantically around.  Too far to hear what they are saying.  I supply the dialogue to their little drama.  "OMG where did I put it?" "Over here it's over here."  "No that's the anchor rope, I need the magic rope so I can climb my way up to the clouds."  "It's over here, next to the treasure chest."  Funny, how easy it is to keep myself amused.  The Ferry is making good time in spite of the fog.  I guess the Tug has already finished with the barge, I don't see it anywhere. Beneath me, looming out of the gloom is the rusted metallic corner of the runaway barge.  It's rushing at the middle of the Ferry.  I spoke it's name and summoned it like a Genie.  In slow motion I turn and crane my neck up to the wheelhouse.  The Captain is staring straight ahead at the Ferry Landing on the far side.  Slowly I turn back towards the oncoming barge, a warning just behind my teeth.  I never make it all the way around.  I find myself on my side underneath a wooden bench.  It caught me like I was a ground ball bouncing in left field.  "Watch Out" finally jerks it's way out of my lips.  But I suspect everyone already knows something bad just happened to us.  Do you know what metal tearing sounds like?  I do.  I hear things hitting the water.  I'm kidding my self, 'things' don't scream on the way down.  It looks like some giant has karate chopped the Ferry right across the middle.  Self preservation finally bobs to the surface of my mind, LIFE VESTS!  Easy I know the answer to this one.  Two benches away is the white wooden box that is crammed full of Life Vests.  I brace myself as the deck continues to change it's horizon.  And I make it to the box.  Some are already gone, but there are a lot left. I have never seen anything as beautiful as these Life Vests.  I hand a couple to two people nearby clutching at railings trying to keep their balance.  More people down the slope of the deck need Life Vests.  I slide Vest after Vest down to those people.  I don't recognize any of them.  Mr. & Mrs. About To Go Into The Water.  I hope they make it.  I put my Life Vest on, snap the buckles and cinch it tight.  Yep, I love this damn Life Vest.  I toss the last couple of Vests into the water in case someone needs them.  Looking around I realize everyone has left, they are in the river.  I hook my dress shoes into the "V" of the railing and jump.  Cold!  The river is so cold.  It's OK, better than the alternative.  Only the tip of the front and rear of the Ferry are still above water.  You never know what's coming, you just do your best. 
I was wrong. 
It's not blue,

it's Orange...

(little over a year ago Tiffany and I traveled to Chicago, I loved that trip and I love that town)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


OK, call up your GOGGLE search engine, type in "Zulu Movie Pictures" and punch go.  The top middle picture is a link to this very journal.  The Internet is full of wonderful suprises...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WORLD FAMOUS!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sweet & Sour Pork + Survivor = Happy David!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm tired

It feels like someone dipped a round toothpick in glue nnd then rolled it in a coarse mixture (50% sand, 30% salt, and 20% finely crushed glass), let it dry, and then used it to prop open my eyelids.  Not kidding...

Friday, October 8, 2010

This weekend is Homecoming at MIZZOU.

I wish I could go see the Tigers play.  Being poor sucks, no wonder they revolt and cut off the heads of Royalty.  Speaking of French History based card games...

If you own this card game, then play it tonight with friends.  If you don't own this card game, then quick as a bunny, run out and buy it!  My favorite card game EVAR!  David<~~Grand Champion!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Excused Duty!

Search & Exterminate!

Archon was fun.  I didn't spend much time there on Friday because I wasn't feeling up to it.  Saturday was a lot more fun.  Didn't drop in on Sunday, spent the day on my BRAND NEW LAPTOP! (Thanx Mom) My costume on Friday was "Excused Duty", and NO ONE GOT THE JOKE.  David<~~sad.  I had much better luck on Saturday, LOTS of comments and people loved guessing the captured animals I was hauling around (for the record: Tribble, Cuca Bug, Face-Hugger).  I loved walking down the hallway and someone smiling because they 'got it'.  I have already thought about next year's Archon and I think I'm going to enter the masquerade.  Think...





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