Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second costume for Archon...

Think ALIENS + BLADE RUNNER + ENEMY MINE and you get the general idea.  I'm going as a NEXUS 12 Security Officer for a Xenomorph Lab on Haley's Hope who has a pet CUCA bug.  A quick read of the rules of the Convention, I have to have all weapons holstered/sheathed (which may suck considering the large shotgun I'm wearing on a sling around my neck) and no firing weapons allowed.  So I have to disable the three airsoft bb guns so that they cannot fire.  The USCM officer's pistol is solid resin so no drama there.  I even bought an universal sheath for my rubber knife.  My first attempt (and it seemed a good idea at the time) was to buy an inexpensive real knife set and just use the sheath.   Didn't fit.  So now I have this wicked hunting knife ::banjos playing::.  I'm hoping all the stuff arrives on time, I'm having trouble with the slim fit leather gloves and black BDU's.  The company I ordered them from is slow as ach eee double hockey sticks.  I'll add pictures when they exist...

UPDATE:  I managed to attach the 24th Regimental shako plate onto my pith helmet & I put the Weyland-Yutani sticker on the back of the swat riot helmet STRAIGHT and CENTERED!

"What is a CUCA bug" you ask?  Watch the beginning of the folloing video and you'll see a CUCA bug fall into a sandtrap and be consumed by it's predator.  That reminds me, LUNCHTIME!



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