Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's not really tomorrow yet, just today part 2

I'm counting this entry as a Thursday entry because I haven't gone to bed yet.  Perfectly logical.  Today my best friend (you know him as Mailman)  brought me my Tactical Vest.  I wanted a XXL, but had to settle for an XL.  Little tight, if wishes were horses, even beggars would ride.  Giddy-up!  I also received my BIOHAZARD patch.  In a perfect world my best friend would bring me my Roarke's Drift t-shirt, Russian Naval Officers Watch and Bumble Bee Ring.  No chance I'm going to get my American Flag Patch in time.  I may still get the mollee pouches, who knows.  I hauled my ill-gotten loot over to Tiffany's and she helped me assemble my Saturday Costume.  ::stares at myself in a hand mirror::  I look EXCELLENT in this costume.  Hopefully people get the jokes and references in my costumes.  I'll have pictures taken and post'm asap.  I still have to finish painting my Cuca Bug.  I have given up on the slung Shotgun, it's too much/heavy/I can't figure out how to attach the sling. Oy vey, que sera sera, put your left foot in...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~tired puppy

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