Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a hot mess...

This was the shipment I  was worried about.  So I tear open the box.  Kick off my boots.  Yank my smelly t-shirt off over my head.  Shuck my jeans.  Jump into my new BDU's.  Struggle into my new gloves.  The BDU's are uber comfortable.  The gloves are very thin mediums designed for sensitivity in body searches.   They barely cover my palm they're so tight.  I am so excited.  I dash into the bathroom to look at my new purchases in the big mirror.  They look great!  WOOO WHOO!  I'm dancing in front of the mirror, grinning my head off, when it hits me.  VILLAGE PEOPLE.

little bit...

David<~~~~hoping my Tactical Vest arrives tomorrow!

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