Thursday, September 30, 2010


LOL, woke up early worried about all the things I need to do to get ready for Archon.  FOCUS DAVID!  I'm trying my best NOT to spin my wheels and miss something I need to get done before tomorrow.  Miranda, I apologize in advance if I forget about my haircut appointment at 4pm.  Speaking of hairy monsters.  I have a bare spot on both sides of my face right in front of my ears.  I can grow stubby sideburns, and I can grow a beard.  They just don't get along so well.  Good news, let the sideburns grow and then viola!  Sideburns comb over!  Comb down?  Friday morning full beard.  Friday night...HELLO MUTTON CHOPS!  My Friday Night Hall Costume is ready to go.  TODAY.  TODAY.  TODAY my Saturday night Costume will be complete.  ::lights candles in front of my USPS shrine::  ::spins UPS prayer wheel:: ::stares at leaves in my teacup:: YES!  TODAY the last of my Saturday Costume will arrive. 

Or there will be blood...


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