Tuesday, September 28, 2010

::blows dust from cover and slowly opens storybook::

Tif & Dave skip off holding hands down the path to Grandma's House, scattering Airsoft BB's all along the way.  MY what a big sewing machine you have Grandma!  The better to sew the epaulets onto your costume with my dear!  Tiffany, someones been ironing my patches!  And your little dog too!  WHOOPS, mixing genres.  ::SLAPS OWN FACE::  Nothing arrived in the mail today, but Tiffany & I did take some of my stuff that needed sewing down to her Mom's house.  We were going to borrow her sewing machine and sew our fingers onto my red velour robe, but Tif's Mom stepped in and professionally attached the patches & epaulets.  She also repaired a strap I had enthusiastically separated from it's home.  YAY Tif's Mom!  My Costume looks great.  The only thing I still need for my Friday Night Hall Costume is my Roarke's Drift tee that is still in transit from the UK.  I'm going to try and find a Union Jack tee shirt as a substitution (if necessary).  I'm still waiting for the Tactical Vest, BDU's, and Searchers Leather Gloves.  Tomorrow, definitely! 

David<~~~~~~~~~~FIRED UP!

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