Monday, September 27, 2010

ARCHON UPDATE@omg/cantbelieve.imdoing/

I think the Mailman hates me. He used to shove all my mail down to the bottom of my mail box. Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" like a Birthday Card from Grandma folded over 5 times. But since I've started out on my eBay aDventure I see him all the time. A TON of stuff arrived today. The Mailman had to haul it down to my apartment. Five packages balanced in one hand. My Archon Costume Accessories ::bats eyelashes:: !  So the only major pieces I'm missing is: Tactical Vest, black BDU's, black leather Search gloves, Russian Naval Officer watch, Bee ring, various pouches and patches that if they are late it's OK.  Today my drop leg platform and holster arrived.  It's going to look cool as soon as I can figure out how to put it on correct.  The resin Cuca Bug skuttled into my life (cause haven't you always wanted a Cuca Bug?)  The golden fringed epaulets.  Ain't I fancy?  Biohazard temporary tattoos.  I'm going to put one on my neck.  I'm not White Trash, more like Beige.  Tune in at 10 to catch the David Whisker Watch!

PS:  I'm watching Late Night with David Letterman and I have this to say, "Katherine Heigl needs smooched."  Just saying...
Mrs. David Austin Smith

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