Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Bike Ride

I need to install my speedometer.  As near as I can figure I biked 8 miles today.  I could've gone further but it was lunchtime and the afternoon sun might have been rough.  Today I biked Greenway.  Nice bike path that follows the Meremac River and then curves around a lake.  Today's nature sightings:  Short heavy bodied black dragon fly with a powder blue abdomen and stripped wings  They would follow me for quite a while as I road through their flight corridor, I swear they flew through my spinning spokes twice.  Red-eared slider turtle eating a dead fish in the shallows next to the boat ramp.  His shell was covered in moss, algae and mud, the fish carcass moving was what caught my eye.  And I almost ran over a Pickerel frog, scared me to death.  I use "search images" that run constantly in my head to identify animals and species that I enjoy.  Even halfway paying attention I can spot a deer, or a muskrat, or a PICKEREL FROG.  Today not so much.  I have been biking mostly at Sugertree Park lately and it felt good to bike somewhere else.  I need to hit bike trails further afield.  Grant's Trail is my next weekend jaunt.  Tomorrow morning maybe?  OK, after I get home and after I dry off from my shower, why do I keep sweating for 30 minutes more?  Weird.  Here is a riddle for you...



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