Monday, August 16, 2010

They say you never forget how to ride a bike

They lie.  I'm still wobbly when I ride.  I no longer have bicycle muscle memory.  When I was a kid riding my bike was like a Mongol guiding his long haired pony with his knees as he fires a compound bow at his enemies.  Now if I take ONE hand off of my handlebars I wobble like a drunk outside Larry Rice's Downtown Mission.  Every time something weird comes along, stick in the middle of the path.  Steel bar poking out of the middle of the bike path, it could be anything.  I have to really pay attention or I may wreck.  I'm talking about seriousily paying attention.  The afore mentioned stick was laying lengthwise in the middle of the path and when my front wheel hit it and rode up on it the stick started to roll sideways.  Yes, you see where this is going.  The first thing that travels through your mind is, "DON'T HURT THE BIKE, DON'T HURT THE BIKE!" The second thing is "DON'T HURT YOURSELF, DON'T HURT YOURSELF!"  By the way, I'm OK.  Nine year old Bike David wouldn't even recognize Forty Four year old Bike David.  I know it's just a matter of time in the saddle and I will regain my bicycle muscle memory.  Or (not kidding) I will die trying...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~thinks he is falling in love with GREENWAY

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