Monday, August 30, 2010

Shorty, Brando, Forest and Fez...

Brando Style Motorcycle Cap 

Forester Cap
Black Fez with Black Tassel
The people that know me, know that I love hats.  I always have.  As a child living in Kansas I wore an Australian Bush hat (mosquito netting, one side snapped up, the whole works) and ran around talking in a fake accent.  In both of my High Schools I wore a Trucker's cap that read "GO BIG BLUE".  The Manhattan Indians and the Junction City Blue Jays (bitter rivals) had the same Football Chants (::shrugs:: I was born under a lucky star).  Later in College it was a red Sailor cap at KSU.  I wore a bright orange/yellow/red plaid Pork Pie hat in Kansas and later also in Missouri (plaid is a good transitional pattern).  And I wore a Greek Fisherman's cap at Mizzou.  That brings us to Bill.  There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Marlin Fishing caps (you say tomato, I say Oysterman's cap).  It's lucky that I love them so, I currently own about 8 long billed caps.  When my original Marlin Fishing cap became too gross and worn out to continue wearing, I wore it for another two years.  Defiant Me, "I'll quit wearing Bill when he's framed under glass and hanging on my wall."  Be careful what you wish for...

Over the years people have commented on my hats and what wearing them means.  A frienemy quipped, "You are just trying to be different."  Some past associates commented, "Dave, you are kinda weird."  And long time friends have stated, "I can't imagine you without one."  And my reply to them all is, "YES!"  Flash forward to today:  It's early on Monday morning, I've just awoken.  I'm sitting on the sofa on my laptop and this is my wardrobe:
  1. Yesterday's socks
  2. Boxer shorts
  3. Watch and Claddagh ring
  4. Glasses
  5. and Shorty
Shorty Said So

David<~~~~~~~~~~~Hat kind of a guy!

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