Monday, August 2, 2010

I will take a picture of MY new bike soon...

Until then, here is a picture of what the bike looks like:

(stock photo of my new bicycle)

Long story of why I had to switch bicycles....

(this is the short version)
  1. David loves Schwinn Cruisers
  2. David orders & pays for Schwinn's most expensive Cruiser
  3. David waits two weeks for new bike to arrive
  4. David calls Schwinn Dealer to figure out the delivery delay of new bike
  5. David discovers Schwinn's most expensive Cruiser has been out of stock since April
  6. David's girlfriend finds the correct bike in stock in Ft. Myers Florida and contacts Schwinn Dealer
  7. David is to be contacted by the Schwinn Dealer
  8. David waits one week
  9. David calls Schwinn Dealer
  10. David is assured by the Schwinn Dealer that the transfer will be arranged by the Schwinn Rep
  11. David is to be contacted by the Schwinn Rep
  12. David waits one week
  13. David calls Schwinn Dealer
  14. David is to be contacted by the Schwinn Rep
  15. David waits one week
  16. David calls Ft. Myers Florida Schwinn Dealer and discovers they know nothing about a transfer
  17. David takes his receipt into Schwinn Dealer and gets his money back
  18. David still loves Schwinn Cruisers
  19. David buys an inexpensive Schwinn Cruiser from K-Mart
  20. David names his bike "Meremac Jack"
  21. David begins riding his bike

(they won't be making the bicycle I really wanted until maybe 2012, or I may buy a restored vintage bike)

David<~~~~~~~disappointed in Schwinn's horrible customer service
David<~~~~~~~really LOVES riding his new bicycle

PS:  on last night's ride I wore my double propeller baseball cap and I made those baby's spin!

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