Thursday, August 12, 2010

Funny thing about dogs

I love my dog.  I love my Dad.  When I was a kid at Ft. Leavenworth, Dad, Mom, myself and my little brother went down to the local Strip Center.  They had a Pet Shop so of course we went in.  Lots of cute puppies and Mark & I started in..."Dad can we have a puppy, oh look at this black & white one, PLEASE, I'll take care of him, he likes us, Dad can we have a puppy?  Our normal routine.  Nothing different than any other time we visited a Pet Shop.  We finish up eating ice cream and then head home.  As we are walking into the house, Dad turns to us and says "If you guys want that Black & White puppy, you can have her".  BOOM.  It's like getting hit by lightning.  Mom looks at me, I look at Mark, and Mark screams "YAY"!  So we hustle back to the Pet Store before it closes and buy the little Black and White dog.  Come to find out this breed is called a Boston Terrier.  Dad suggests we name her Snooky.  Ok.  Great week of playing with the new puppy and watching how Snooky and Prince our Pomeranian get along.  Great times.  Later on we are talking to my Dad's mother Mamma Smith and we tell her about our new puppy.  "Oh" she says, "Your Daddy had two little Black and White bulldogs, I think they were called Boston Bulls.  He had a boy named Bo and a little female named (wait for it...wait for it) SNOOKY!"  We all turn to look at Dad and he finds something interesting about the wall near the ceiling.  My family has had lots of Bostons over the years (Snooky, Bo, Mitzy, Snooky II), they are a great breed and the main reason I love dogs and now own a Boston (Joe and now Snooky II, yes she's a hand-me-down).  Snooky is at this very moment sleeping and trying to prop her head on my knee.  I'm sure there are lots of better positions to sleep in, but that is why I love her.  And why I love my Dad.  Funny thing about dogs, they can bring a family together...

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