Sunday, August 15, 2010

The early morning sunshine reveal the woods in a whole new light...

So I get up at 6:30 am, suit up and drive down to the junction of three bike trails.  I then proceed to bike all three!  Like drawing a star, I ride down one leg then pedal back and head down the next trail.  I got to bike on a part I have never seen before.  I pass fishermen staking out their favorite spot for the day.  I pass a grandfather taking his grandkids fishing for the first time.  I pass couples holding hands.  I pass a young mother out exercising and pushing her sleeping baby in the stroller.  I pass runners.  I pass walkers.  I pass bicyclists.  I ride past the deserted RC Car track, complete with miniature dirt hills and jumps.  I ride past the not deserted RC Plane airfield, and get to watch a man seemingly try to crash his plane on purpose.  I figure out what the weird smell I sometimes run across is.  All of these bike trails are within a stone's throw of the Municipal Sewage Treatment Facility.  I'm glad to reafirm that ditches of leaves and mud do not smell like poop (I was starting to doubt myself).  I got to listen to Rockabilly music as I bike along.  The people I pass get to listen to Rockabilly music as I bike along.  And no that is not rude.  I have about a 50% success rate on notifying other trail folk (like we live underneath mushrooms) that I am "Passing on your left!"  Some have ear buds in, some are hard of hearing, some are talking on their cell phones, and some just don't care.  Almost EVERYONE hears me coming as Little Richard screams "SHE CAN'T HELP IT, THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT ~ OH YEAH!"  I play Rockabilly because #1 I like it and #2 so do most people. Mostly I get smiles as people remember hearing for the first time what I'm playing.  It's also cool to realize how important St. Louis and this region was to Rock and Roll.  St. Louie is featured in song after song (it doesn't hurt to have one of the kings of Rockabilly from St. Louis and still living here)...

I finally remembered to take a picture of my new bicycle, so here it is:
Yeah that's my bumper sticker:
Today's Health Game:  David 1 and Diabetes 4

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