Monday, August 30, 2010

Shorty, Brando, Forest and Fez...

Brando Style Motorcycle Cap 

Forester Cap
Black Fez with Black Tassel
The people that know me, know that I love hats.  I always have.  As a child living in Kansas I wore an Australian Bush hat (mosquito netting, one side snapped up, the whole works) and ran around talking in a fake accent.  In both of my High Schools I wore a Trucker's cap that read "GO BIG BLUE".  The Manhattan Indians and the Junction City Blue Jays (bitter rivals) had the same Football Chants (::shrugs:: I was born under a lucky star).  Later in College it was a red Sailor cap at KSU.  I wore a bright orange/yellow/red plaid Pork Pie hat in Kansas and later also in Missouri (plaid is a good transitional pattern).  And I wore a Greek Fisherman's cap at Mizzou.  That brings us to Bill.  There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Marlin Fishing caps (you say tomato, I say Oysterman's cap).  It's lucky that I love them so, I currently own about 8 long billed caps.  When my original Marlin Fishing cap became too gross and worn out to continue wearing, I wore it for another two years.  Defiant Me, "I'll quit wearing Bill when he's framed under glass and hanging on my wall."  Be careful what you wish for...

Over the years people have commented on my hats and what wearing them means.  A frienemy quipped, "You are just trying to be different."  Some past associates commented, "Dave, you are kinda weird."  And long time friends have stated, "I can't imagine you without one."  And my reply to them all is, "YES!"  Flash forward to today:  It's early on Monday morning, I've just awoken.  I'm sitting on the sofa on my laptop and this is my wardrobe:
  1. Yesterday's socks
  2. Boxer shorts
  3. Watch and Claddagh ring
  4. Glasses
  5. and Shorty
Shorty Said So

David<~~~~~~~~~~~Hat kind of a guy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

They say you never forget how to ride a bike

They lie.  I'm still wobbly when I ride.  I no longer have bicycle muscle memory.  When I was a kid riding my bike was like a Mongol guiding his long haired pony with his knees as he fires a compound bow at his enemies.  Now if I take ONE hand off of my handlebars I wobble like a drunk outside Larry Rice's Downtown Mission.  Every time something weird comes along, stick in the middle of the path.  Steel bar poking out of the middle of the bike path, it could be anything.  I have to really pay attention or I may wreck.  I'm talking about seriousily paying attention.  The afore mentioned stick was laying lengthwise in the middle of the path and when my front wheel hit it and rode up on it the stick started to roll sideways.  Yes, you see where this is going.  The first thing that travels through your mind is, "DON'T HURT THE BIKE, DON'T HURT THE BIKE!" The second thing is "DON'T HURT YOURSELF, DON'T HURT YOURSELF!"  By the way, I'm OK.  Nine year old Bike David wouldn't even recognize Forty Four year old Bike David.  I know it's just a matter of time in the saddle and I will regain my bicycle muscle memory.  Or (not kidding) I will die trying...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~thinks he is falling in love with GREENWAY

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The early morning sunshine reveal the woods in a whole new light...

So I get up at 6:30 am, suit up and drive down to the junction of three bike trails.  I then proceed to bike all three!  Like drawing a star, I ride down one leg then pedal back and head down the next trail.  I got to bike on a part I have never seen before.  I pass fishermen staking out their favorite spot for the day.  I pass a grandfather taking his grandkids fishing for the first time.  I pass couples holding hands.  I pass a young mother out exercising and pushing her sleeping baby in the stroller.  I pass runners.  I pass walkers.  I pass bicyclists.  I ride past the deserted RC Car track, complete with miniature dirt hills and jumps.  I ride past the not deserted RC Plane airfield, and get to watch a man seemingly try to crash his plane on purpose.  I figure out what the weird smell I sometimes run across is.  All of these bike trails are within a stone's throw of the Municipal Sewage Treatment Facility.  I'm glad to reafirm that ditches of leaves and mud do not smell like poop (I was starting to doubt myself).  I got to listen to Rockabilly music as I bike along.  The people I pass get to listen to Rockabilly music as I bike along.  And no that is not rude.  I have about a 50% success rate on notifying other trail folk (like we live underneath mushrooms) that I am "Passing on your left!"  Some have ear buds in, some are hard of hearing, some are talking on their cell phones, and some just don't care.  Almost EVERYONE hears me coming as Little Richard screams "SHE CAN'T HELP IT, THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT ~ OH YEAH!"  I play Rockabilly because #1 I like it and #2 so do most people. Mostly I get smiles as people remember hearing for the first time what I'm playing.  It's also cool to realize how important St. Louis and this region was to Rock and Roll.  St. Louie is featured in song after song (it doesn't hurt to have one of the kings of Rockabilly from St. Louis and still living here)...

I finally remembered to take a picture of my new bicycle, so here it is:
Yeah that's my bumper sticker:
Today's Health Game:  David 1 and Diabetes 4

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Bike Ride

I need to install my speedometer.  As near as I can figure I biked 8 miles today.  I could've gone further but it was lunchtime and the afternoon sun might have been rough.  Today I biked Greenway.  Nice bike path that follows the Meremac River and then curves around a lake.  Today's nature sightings:  Short heavy bodied black dragon fly with a powder blue abdomen and stripped wings  They would follow me for quite a while as I road through their flight corridor, I swear they flew through my spinning spokes twice.  Red-eared slider turtle eating a dead fish in the shallows next to the boat ramp.  His shell was covered in moss, algae and mud, the fish carcass moving was what caught my eye.  And I almost ran over a Pickerel frog, scared me to death.  I use "search images" that run constantly in my head to identify animals and species that I enjoy.  Even halfway paying attention I can spot a deer, or a muskrat, or a PICKEREL FROG.  Today not so much.  I have been biking mostly at Sugertree Park lately and it felt good to bike somewhere else.  I need to hit bike trails further afield.  Grant's Trail is my next weekend jaunt.  Tomorrow morning maybe?  OK, after I get home and after I dry off from my shower, why do I keep sweating for 30 minutes more?  Weird.  Here is a riddle for you...



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Funny thing about dogs

I love my dog.  I love my Dad.  When I was a kid at Ft. Leavenworth, Dad, Mom, myself and my little brother went down to the local Strip Center.  They had a Pet Shop so of course we went in.  Lots of cute puppies and Mark & I started in..."Dad can we have a puppy, oh look at this black & white one, PLEASE, I'll take care of him, he likes us, Dad can we have a puppy?  Our normal routine.  Nothing different than any other time we visited a Pet Shop.  We finish up eating ice cream and then head home.  As we are walking into the house, Dad turns to us and says "If you guys want that Black & White puppy, you can have her".  BOOM.  It's like getting hit by lightning.  Mom looks at me, I look at Mark, and Mark screams "YAY"!  So we hustle back to the Pet Store before it closes and buy the little Black and White dog.  Come to find out this breed is called a Boston Terrier.  Dad suggests we name her Snooky.  Ok.  Great week of playing with the new puppy and watching how Snooky and Prince our Pomeranian get along.  Great times.  Later on we are talking to my Dad's mother Mamma Smith and we tell her about our new puppy.  "Oh" she says, "Your Daddy had two little Black and White bulldogs, I think they were called Boston Bulls.  He had a boy named Bo and a little female named (wait for it...wait for it) SNOOKY!"  We all turn to look at Dad and he finds something interesting about the wall near the ceiling.  My family has had lots of Bostons over the years (Snooky, Bo, Mitzy, Snooky II), they are a great breed and the main reason I love dogs and now own a Boston (Joe and now Snooky II, yes she's a hand-me-down).  Snooky is at this very moment sleeping and trying to prop her head on my knee.  I'm sure there are lots of better positions to sleep in, but that is why I love her.  And why I love my Dad.  Funny thing about dogs, they can bring a family together...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tif & Dave


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1st weight goal = 250lbs. 2nd weight goal = 200lbs.

Today's weigh
  in = 241lbs!   


Monday, August 2, 2010

I will take a picture of MY new bike soon...

Until then, here is a picture of what the bike looks like:

(stock photo of my new bicycle)

Long story of why I had to switch bicycles....

(this is the short version)
  1. David loves Schwinn Cruisers
  2. David orders & pays for Schwinn's most expensive Cruiser
  3. David waits two weeks for new bike to arrive
  4. David calls Schwinn Dealer to figure out the delivery delay of new bike
  5. David discovers Schwinn's most expensive Cruiser has been out of stock since April
  6. David's girlfriend finds the correct bike in stock in Ft. Myers Florida and contacts Schwinn Dealer
  7. David is to be contacted by the Schwinn Dealer
  8. David waits one week
  9. David calls Schwinn Dealer
  10. David is assured by the Schwinn Dealer that the transfer will be arranged by the Schwinn Rep
  11. David is to be contacted by the Schwinn Rep
  12. David waits one week
  13. David calls Schwinn Dealer
  14. David is to be contacted by the Schwinn Rep
  15. David waits one week
  16. David calls Ft. Myers Florida Schwinn Dealer and discovers they know nothing about a transfer
  17. David takes his receipt into Schwinn Dealer and gets his money back
  18. David still loves Schwinn Cruisers
  19. David buys an inexpensive Schwinn Cruiser from K-Mart
  20. David names his bike "Meremac Jack"
  21. David begins riding his bike

(they won't be making the bicycle I really wanted until maybe 2012, or I may buy a restored vintage bike)

David<~~~~~~~disappointed in Schwinn's horrible customer service
David<~~~~~~~really LOVES riding his new bicycle

PS:  on last night's ride I wore my double propeller baseball cap and I made those baby's spin!