Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life Is Good!

Tif announces that she wants a SLURPEE. So we put our shoes on and motor down the street and grab a bite to eat at Mickey Dee's. We both have Double Hamburger Extra Value meals, Tif without onions, mine with extra (it's The Circle Of Life). Then we hop diagonally across the intersection to the closest 7-ELEVEN for the before mentioned libations. On the way home we stop at our local Public Library to pick up some reading material and a couple of movies for later on. Later on (::wink::) we are sitting on Tif's couch watching John Cusack woo his lady love in SAY ANYTHING. Mickey Dee's digested. SLURPEE's turning syrupy. Our books await. And I love Tiffany!

(things can get bad for me, but I can always
count on Tiffany to make me feel better)

David<~~~~~~~Lucky Guy!

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