Thursday, March 25, 2010


(Replace the word hammer with nerd)

OK, I'm a gamer. There I said it.
First, please allow me to dispel a few myths...

#1) I do not live in my parent's basement.

#2) I do shower on a regular basis.

#3) I have kissed a girl.

Having dispelled those three myths, my previously stated accomplishments do however qualify me as... 'KING OF THE NERDS'. Bow down and adore me! Anoint me with Mountain Dew. Bring me dice and Cheetos, and fan me with the latest copy of The White Dwarf. Lately I have been trying to get out and play wargames more often. I need to be more social. David<~~~Cave Troll. I am now proud to say that in the last 6 years I have played Warhammer twice now. Whoot Whoot!

::dances like MC Hammer::

Still, I'm mainstream enough to get annoyed by some of the goofier players down at the shop, but nerdy enough to make and understand all the appropriate jokes. Example, upon watching A Demon Prince charge an Eldar Wraithlord I rattled off this gem..."That's like watching an Amway salesman and a Jehovah's Witness both arrive on your doorstep at the same time, whatcha gonna do?"
No seriously, that went over very well last Tuesday evening. Major nerd points scored. My divinity is assured. Now I shall post Nerd pictures, you may gaze upon their visage...

I'm just a big ol' honking nerd


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