Wednesday, March 31, 2010

no worries no apologies new socks new thoughts

Hello Faithful Reader,

(That's singular on purpose, as I suspect I'm the only person that ever reads these posts.)

Buck Rogers had a sidekick named Twiki who famously said, "bidi-bidi-bidi". Twiki sounds like Wiki. Wikipedia famously said, "John Rackham is most remembered for two things: (1) the design of his Jolly Roger flag, which contributed to the popularization of the design and its association with piracy in popular culture; and (2) employing two of the most notorious female pirates of the age as part of his crew – Mary Read and Anne Bonny (the latter of whom he had whisked away from her husband). Foreshadowing... ::taps the tip of my nose:: I purchased two pair of socks off of the Internet. Why you might ask? I dunno. I bought a pair of black nerd socks with skull and crossbones on them from Target or some place recently. I really like my new nerd socks, I have worn them every week since I purchased them. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a nerd? I might have, anywho... I watch The Big Bang Theory on Monday nights. I have to, it's in the Nerd Charter. Appendix IX subsection iii, it's right here in the heading. So is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Appendix IX subsection iii, paragraph two. Sheldon is my hero. Sheldon wore Super Hero Socks on Season 2, Episode 6 (The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem) of The Big Bang Theory. Super Hero Socks are also nerd socks. Nerds know how to use computers, so THIS nerd found Sheldon's Super Hero Socks on-line. At the website that sells them they have a TON of socks, stockings, n such. Mostly for girls but they do have some guy stuff. I'm a guy. Guy nerd socks? Hmmmmm. So I lied when I said I didn't know why I purchased the socks. I am a Founding Member and one of 3 people on the drafting commission of the Nerd Charter. I was in charge of Cheetos and Mountain Dew at our first Christmas Party. So of course I watch The Big Bang Theory and Dr. Sheldon Cooper wearing his Super Hero Socks. Once you add in the inevitable laptop it was a foregone conclusion. OK, that's not the whole truth either. I like my new skull and crossbones socks. I know where there are more cool socks (OK in this ONE reference, Cool = Nerd). Let's consult the mathematical diagram on our handy-dandy chalkboard. 1 pair of nerd socks = good feeling. 2 pair of nerd socks = very good feeling. Super Hero Socks don't cost all that much, neither does shipping. The mail arrives every single day except for Sunday. I like getting mail. I like feeling good. So it's kinda like I'm mailing myself some future happiness for the bargain price of two pairs of socks plus shipping. I just happen to have a time machine. A time machine that walks around in the guise of a disgruntled Federal Employee. The disgruntled Federal Employee who stuffs all my mail down to the bottom of my mailbox with his fist. Socks bend, so it's OK. Nerds like time machines also...see? no worries, no apologies, new socks, new thoughts... I like bacon.

Who designed the pirate flag featured on these socks?

(hint: Calico Jack)

(Please put your answer

in the form of a comment

at the bottom of this post)

For 10 pts of EXTRA CREDIT: Who is wearing the socks in the following picture?

Beep! Beep!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


(Replace the word hammer with nerd)

OK, I'm a gamer. There I said it.
First, please allow me to dispel a few myths...

#1) I do not live in my parent's basement.

#2) I do shower on a regular basis.

#3) I have kissed a girl.

Having dispelled those three myths, my previously stated accomplishments do however qualify me as... 'KING OF THE NERDS'. Bow down and adore me! Anoint me with Mountain Dew. Bring me dice and Cheetos, and fan me with the latest copy of The White Dwarf. Lately I have been trying to get out and play wargames more often. I need to be more social. David<~~~Cave Troll. I am now proud to say that in the last 6 years I have played Warhammer twice now. Whoot Whoot!

::dances like MC Hammer::

Still, I'm mainstream enough to get annoyed by some of the goofier players down at the shop, but nerdy enough to make and understand all the appropriate jokes. Example, upon watching A Demon Prince charge an Eldar Wraithlord I rattled off this gem..."That's like watching an Amway salesman and a Jehovah's Witness both arrive on your doorstep at the same time, whatcha gonna do?"
No seriously, that went over very well last Tuesday evening. Major nerd points scored. My divinity is assured. Now I shall post Nerd pictures, you may gaze upon their visage...

I'm just a big ol' honking nerd


Sunday, March 21, 2010

OK, I'm just gonna come right out and say it...

It's all about power. The Democrats want more and the Republicans don't want them to have more. The Democrats power base is built on taking care of average Americans by providing Government services. The Republican power base is based on taking care of American Businesses and the richest 1% of Americans. Insurance Companies will have reduced profits under our Health Care Reform. It's not hard to imagine Big Business emailing out the marching orders to the Republican Party. "If this passes, you are out of the Country Club!" I kinda feel sorry for the Republican Party. Who will fund their election races? Who will pay for their 3rd home in the Bahamas? I hope Big Business will forgive them their failure. The Republican Party voted against Civil Rights, the creation of the Medicare system, and the creation of Social Security. They have been on the wrong side of every one of these important American Ideologies. The Republicans wouldn't ever dare try and roll back our Civil Rights laws, eliminate our Medicare system or go on the record as being against our Social Security Programs. They won't touch Health Care Reform either. How did the Health Care Reform debate get so ugly? It's easy, by spreading rumors and half-truths. Whisper in the ear of the Militias/gun nuts that 'Big Brother is coming for them and is going to take away their Constitutional Rights'. Lie to the Religious Right and tell them that Health Care Reform will fund Abortions and/or Death Panels. Organize and fund the nut jobs, give them a different name, fire them up with rhetoric and let them loose to spit and hurl racial slurs against Congressmen. Then the Republican Party gets to stand back and say, that's the Tea Party, we're the Republican Party, we have nothing to do with them. I've said it before, THE BEST TRICK THE REPUBLICAN PARTY EVER PULLED OFF WAS TALKING PEOPLE INTO VOTING AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS. Was there one single Tea Bagger at the 'protest rally' yesterday whose income last year was in the top 1% of America? No, I will eat my hat if proven wrong. Every one of the Tea Baggers will benefit from this Health Care Reform. The loudest critics today will be the loudest supporters in ten years. "Don't you DARE touch MY Health Care Reform, Bertie go get my shotgun..." Think I'm crazy, don't know what I'm talking about? I wonder if the mobs in Little Rock Arkansas trying to block the black students from attending the whites only High School back in 1957 would be willing to stand up today and shout the same racial slurs? It's about power folks. The Democrats have figured out how to provide important services to the Average Americans, and they will reap the rewards in future elections. The Republicans failed their Big Business bosses and have lost more ground in the court of public opinion and will face the consequences in future elections. It's about power...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favorite Irish Band

Who just happens to sing my favorite Christmas Song. WARNING: they cuss during this song, if you are offended by curse words, do not click on the link to the video.
Ladies & Gentlemen...
Why are The Pogues my favorite Irish Band? Read their lyrics. Listen to their songs. Fairytale of New York is so real, so full of emotion, good times and bad. Shane MacGowan is a tortured soul, and I love him so...
"I could have been someone"
'Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you'
"I kept them with me babe
I put them with me own
Can´t make it all alone
I´ve built my dreams around you"
I can't swear the lyrics I put down here are accurate, but it's what I hear when he sings, and that's good enough for me...