Friday, February 19, 2010


That's what Tiger Woods said today in his televised statement. And this is my reply:


  1. I'm not related to you or your wife.

  2. Your personal life has no impact on me.

  3. I don't play golf, or make my living from your sport.

  4. Your professional life has no impact on me.

  5. I don't look up to sports players or expect you to be a role model.

  6. Your personal choices have no impact on me.

Why is it that we the public love to build someone up as a "HERO" (using the word incorrectly of course) or as a "Role Model" and then gleefully help to tear them down. Are we that small? Do we need to destroy someone else to feel better about ourselves? I remember when Britney Spears was considered a "Role Model". I remember when Michael Jackson was considered 'Unfit to have children'. It's weird. I like to watch Reality Television as much as the next consumer but I don't think they are better than me or on a higher plane. Why did Princess Diana die in that car accident? Because her chauffeur was legally drunk while fleeing the Paparazzi. Why was her chauffeur fleeing the Paparazzi? Because the Paparazzi are intrusive in Celebrities lives. Why are Paparazzi intrusive in Celebrities lives? Because they are paid huge sums of money to take pictures of Celebrities. Why are they paid huge sums of money to take pictures of Celebrities? Because pictures of Celebrities sell Newspapers. Why do pictures of Celebrities sell Newspapers? Because we the public can't wait to build someone up or tear them down for our personal entertainment. I'm reminded of the Coliseum of Rome. I hope they've fed the lions recently...

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