Friday, October 2, 2009

I got some sleep last night

It seems I have two speeds when it comes to sleeping: 1) Sleep for a short time OR 2) Sleep for an hour wake up sleep for an hour wake up (repeat). It is running me down. I can't concentrate and I'm forgetting things. Ahhhh..."The Life Of Riley"

Actually I used to live the life of Riley. Ft. Riley that is. Its an old cavalry post between Junction City KS and Manhattan KS (I should say between JCKS and OGDEN KS, but I don't want to give the officials who set up the speed traps in Ogden any love). Ft. Riley was my favorite Army Post we lived in while my Dad was in the Military. We had a stone duplex that was the biggest house I had ever lived in. It used to not be divided and was the quarters for a Captain. YIKES! There were 4 floors. Basement mostly unfinished with a bedroom, bathroom, utility room, and another room (that we had a pool table in). First floor held the sitting room, formal dining room, butler's pantry, kitchen, formal stairway, and back stairs. Second floor had the study, master bedroom, bathroom, living room. Third floor was the domain of my brother and I with the attic storage, bathroom, and two bedrooms. The front of the house was covered with ivy and we had a garage across the street for the vehicles. Our house was by itself on a triangular piece of land between the two major sections of Officer's Quarters on Ft. Riley. I remember when some workmen arrived to remove the ivy from the front of our house and Mom called Dad and then the workmen left without the ivy. One of the benefits of being an Officer's Wife. I don't have a picture of our house with me here in STL (Mom will have one at the Ranch, I'll get it when I visit). I found this picture on the Internet and these are Officer's Quarters...

on the way to this statue.

These two pictures were taken to the right of our house. It was a good place to live.

David<~~~~~~~~lucky guy!

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