Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sleep my friend

Sleep is poor

Sleep is penned

my life a bore

Sleep my friend

Sleep the chore

Sleep will end

i'll dream no more

Sleep my friend

Sleep the boar

Sleep will rend

with tusks that gore

Sleep my friend

Sleep the door

Sleep will send

me to life before

Sleep my friend

Sleep not war

Sleep will mend

my heart will soar


David<~~~~~~woke up at 11:30pm last night


Monday, September 28, 2009

Tiffany at the Sheryl Crow/Elvis Costello Concert underneath the STL Arch!

(my beautiful girlfriend Tiffany, love you girl!)

Snooky goes swimming...

OK, to clarify, 'swimming' refers to Snooky's love of stretching out on her belly & back and crawl thru the grass. It looks like she's swimming... I tried to take a video on my phone of Snooky doing this this morning during our walk but every time the video camera started up it makes weird noise and Snooky would run away from the camera and hide behind me. So all the videos are of empty grass or my shadow. ::shakes head::

David<~~~~~~~~Dog Owner!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Losing weight...

Last Tuesday I weighed in at 278 yesterday I tipped the scales at 265, I suspect all the walking in Chicago was the biggest factor, that and I'm not finishing anything that I eat lately. Less intake, more exercise = skinnier David!

(in HS I weighed 180 lbs)

David<~~~~~~First weight goal has always been to stablize my weight at 250 (then to shoot for 200!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009


all night long

i lie awake

remembering all

the mistakes i make

my thoughts are mine

and mine alone

i see the outlines

cast by my phone

i wait for the time

to get out of bed

to stop the thoughts

trapped in my head

round and round

i beat the horse

it's nobody's fault

but mine of course

another hour

has come and gone

an hour closer

to the coming dawn

time to get up

and start the day

one hour closer

till i enter the fray

the nightly battle

with me myself

i can't set my troubles

away on a shelf

i obsess and fuss

i bother with them all

no rest for the wicked

till time for the call

the alarm i've set

on my cell phone

i lie awake

and pick at the bone

worrying about

the things i've done

and worrying about

my tasks undone

i'd love to sleep

and lie in bed

but the thoughts won't quit

running round my head

i have to let go

i have to forgive

myself for mistakes

and try to live

the life i have left

and the people i love

and fall asleep

like hand in glove

i doze a bit

my eyes droop shut

i'm almost asleep

except for the but

but for this here

or an imagined mistake

but for that thought there

no more can i take

i want to sleep

to just drift away

but that's not my fate

not along this way

so all night long

i lie awake

remembering all

the mistakes i make...

David<~~~~~~wakes up EVERY morning at 3:30am!

My Suprise Birthday Trip!

My wonderful girlfriend Tiffany has planned a Surprise Birthday Trip for me this weekend (my Birthday is tomorrow and it's not too late to get me something: 3XLT favorite color is black). This morning she dropped off a Pre-Trip Information letter with a list of 'What to pack". How fun! I have some errands to run and some packing to do...

David<~never been surprised before IN MY LIFE!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Insomnia is not my friend

We have switched to an earlier shift at work and I worry too much about things so if you add that up you get David not sleeping well. 4 hours of sleep at night just doesn't cut it...