Thursday, July 30, 2009


OK, you all knew that about me already. I'm a huge fan of Erin Bode, she's a local girl that sings beautifully. She and her band performed at my Store's opening night. Tif and I saw them perform again about a month ago in Festus. Really good. So I get her email newsletter that lets me know where she's playing and she mentions that she's on Facebook. I'M ON FACEBOOK TOO! So of course I look for her and not only find her official "Fan" entry but her personal entry as well. Cool. I joined her Face book fanbase and I also sent a 'friend' request (::crosses fingers and toes::) to her personally. Who knows. Maybe if I'm lucky. So now I'm flipping through her Friends list so see if we have anyone in common and I come across Morgan Freeman. Yes that Morgan Freeman, remember Erin is a really good singer and Morgan is obviousily a fan. So...I fire off another 'friend' request to Mr. Freeman. What a weird day ::wink::

David<~~~~~~~high falutin' and trumpet tootin'

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  1. UPDATE: I am now a "Friend" of Erin Bode, but I'm "Friend Request Pending" with Morgan Freeman...