Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sooooo I'm still alive...


Today was the Artie Lange signing at my Store. We moved 650 Howard Stern fans thru the Book Signing line in one hour and thirty minutes. Only three regretable incidents: 1) a fan tricked a Bookseller into paging someone's name over the Store's intercom that was really a joke. 2) a fan screamed something about "Robin's Boobs" as he left the Store (he used a different word though) and 3) a fan screamed that he loved Artie Lange as he left the Store (what is up with these people who are only brave enough to be rude just as they walk out of the Store?). Lots of girls in 'Catch the eye of the Rock Star' tee shirts. Lots of pick-up trucks in my Parking Lot. Went over very well, my Booksellers ROCK!
Sooooo home relaxin' chillin' on the couch watching live coverage of Comic-Con 09...
WHY AREN'T I ASLEEP???????????????????
David<~~~~is a NERD (and I can't turn it off)

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