Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sheryl Crow/Elvis Costello Concert was a lot of fun...

One of the best things about the Concert was that it was free. One of the worst things about the Concert was that it was free. OK, this next part is not designed to make me look like a reasonable person, or a nice non-judgemental guy. The two Losers that sat next to Tif & I drove me nuts. Loser #1 sat directly next to me. Skinny Diabetic Drunk Chain Smoking guy that kept begging cookies off of the lady behind us because his sugar was low. He took off his flip flops and used them as an ashtray (because that is where I'd keep my burning ciggerette and it is the most logical place to put out your butts). Loser #2 sat on the other side of Loser #1. Fat Balding With A Long Ponytail Drunk Chain Smoking Brother to Loser #1. When he left to get something for his brother to eat he stumbled right past his brother, someone had to catch him to let him know that he missed his seating spot.
Other than that, it was a fun Concert. The heat toned down later on in the evening. I need a lens for my camera so I can take better pictures. I couldn't zoom in close enough to see Sheryl's or Elvis' face while they were on stage. Sherly did a great job, she is a very good performer. So I bought The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow CD at work yesterday to listen to before the Concert. Did I mention that I buy a lot of Music. Once I got home and was looking through my CD's for my Elvis Costello Greatest Hits I found the first copy of The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow CD that I had purchased and then forgot. So Tif got a new CD. Elvis only sang two of his songs (Pump It Up and Peace, Love & Understanding). That sucked, I was really looking forward to listening to Elvis more...

Kay Sir rah Sir rah..................(I'm multilingual)

David<~~~~~~~~~~gearing up to attend tonight's Muny performance of Meet Me In St. Louis!

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