Friday, June 12, 2009

A little comment on temper tantrums...

Yesterday I spent more time in Airports than most people spend in them all year long. Ate breakfast, lunch AND dinner in Airports. They had diverted 60+ Flights at the Killeen Airport and had cancelled MOST of the Flights at the Dallas Airport. I made it out of Killeen to Dallas on one of only two Flights that went that day (I am a LUCKY guy, and I have a secret weapon...TIF!). AnyWHO...arriving in Dallas I was reminded of how small people become when they are inconvenienced. I know some people missed work, vacations, weddings, anniversaries, the bedside of a sick relative, and other tragic personal events, and that is hard on people. BUT! I was embarrassed to be a Human Being yesterday watching all the Temper Tantrums people were throwing at ticket counters in the Airport. I wanted to walk up and straighten the little sailor hats they were wearing with their Little Lord Faulteroy outfits and hand them a lollipop. Cussing the rain makes you a fool, lots of fools in the Airport in Dallas yesterday. People were rescued by boats in Dallas due to the Thunderstorms. The Airport had put out COTS for travelers in the hallways! It was a sea of humanity at every Airport Gate. Every time I encountered an Airport worker behind the counter I reminded them of how many people they had helped today and thanked them for their hard work. Because I work in Management and have to handle large crowds in my job I sympathize with other people that have to work with logistics and make hard decisions like closing an Airport for half of a day and cancelling flights. Travel Workers of the World, I SALUTE YOU!

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~glad to be back in STL!

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