Saturday, June 13, 2009


That was what was lettered across my baseball cap. Manhattan KS was the Indians and the team color was blue. I wore that cap everywhere. I was in Boy Scouts and I always helped out on the Scout Projects of the other Scouts in the Troop. In Manhattan KS if you weren't born there you were the 'new guy'. If your Dad was a Soldier you were looked down on. Manhattan KS is full of snobs (I suspect till this very day that is probably still true). At some point while working on the Scouting Project at Paul's house, someone (I believe it was Bruce) took my cap. Standard game of pick on 'The New Guy'. In all honesty, I was tired of taking their crap. Not understanding how vulnerable they were to retaliation I took Bruce's bike. "Give me back my cap". 'Give me back my bike first'. That was the general conversation (with a liberal dosage of cuss words, we WERE Boy Scouts after all and we all cussed). Impasse. David leaves with Bruce's Bike. Bruce is red faced mad. Peddle off, circle block. Come back to Paul's house. "Give me back my cap". 'Give me back my bike first'. Various threats, more cussing. Peddle off, circle block. Come back to Paul's house. "Give me back my cap". 'Give me back my bike first'. Specific threats to burn my cap. Specific threat to push Bruce's bike into oncoming traffic. Peddle off, circle block. Come back to Paul's house. They are dousing my cap with lighter fluid. Hopping mad I peddle off in search of a busy intersection. Dean follows me on his bike. How do you spell HYPOCRITE? D-E-A-N. Dean was the ringleader in orginally snatching my cap off of my head. 'David you can't push Bruce's bike into Traffic' 'Dave you have to be a better person' (did I mention that Dean later went on to be a Minister?) I come back to Paul's house, they light my cap on fire. I tear off so mad I can't even see straight. Long story short, I didn't push his bike in front of traffic. I wouldn't want to hurt someone or their car. And I wouldn't want to damage a bike that costs a lot more than a baseball cap. I bring the bike back and I get my baseball cap back. They are cussing a lot and they think they forced me to bring back the bike. My baseball cap has a hole burned thru the back of it and it smells like lighter fluid. I wore that cap everywhere until it wore out. I don't try and explain to them my reasons for not damaging the bike, they wouldn't understand. I see some of them online on and on Facebook. I don't contact them, and I don't answer their requests. They are not my friends. They are just people that I knew in High School and they taught me something about myself. It's OK to stand on your own, and always do the right thing, even if it's hard, and even if you're hopping mad...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~Army Brat!

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