Sunday, June 28, 2009

I will go back to Ireland

I just woke up and am sitting here flipping through the TV channels, here is what I have watched so far...

Today Show

That Thing You Do


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Lord Of The Flies


Bring It On

Dan In Real Life

Rick Steves' Europe: South Ireland

That is a pretty good example of how my mind works...

When I return to Ireland I would like to do a Castle Tour

My Family took a trip to the UK after Mary and I ended our engagement, and Mark divorced from his first wife. I think my Parents were trying to distract us. We were in Dublin and were supposed to be meeting some friends of my Parents for Dinner later in the day. Our tour stayed 2 days in Dublin so we had some time to walk around and see things. So after an afternoon of wandering around we were heading back to The Gresham, the Hotel where we were staying. Mom and Mark were way ahead of Dad and I because we were strolling VERY slowly talking about History or Politics or something. As we passed a restaurant an Irish Lady hearing us speak asked my Dad if we were American. My Father being as polite as he always was answered, "Yes I am". She then proceeds to launch into this 5 minute long rant about how her father was really JFK and the CIA was out to kill her. She had this whole fantasy built up in her head and Dad kept nodding at her and being polite and I'm standing there thinking how the heck am I going to get us away from this Crazy Irish Lady. Out of the corner of my eye I see a man leave the restaurant we were standing in front of and zip behind the woman and come in behind Dad WAY TO CLOSE. So I think, this woman is part of a pickpocket team and her job is to distract us while her male partner assaults my Dad and takes his wallet. I switch my weight to my back foot and I start cocking my arm back to punch this guy in his face. From behind he takes my Dad by both of this shoulders and puts his face right next to my Dad's face. But then he does something that pickpockets don't usually do, he winks at me. So I don't hit him. Dad turns to look at him and laughs and luckily I didn't punch him, this is my Dad's friend Jerry Carson that we were going to meet later for Dinner. Jerry looks at the Crazy Irish Lady and says "Excuse me" and whisks my Dad and I into the restaurant where he and his wife were having lunch waiting for the time to come see us at the Hotel. He introduces me to his wife (Carmen I think) and as we chat he looks at me and asks, "You were going to hit me weren't you?" "Yes I was", I replied. That is how I met the Carsons of Belfast. ::shrugs:: We all caught up to Mom and Mark and ate Dinner that evening together and the next day the Carsons took us on a walking tour of Dublin to see the sights. It was a LONG walk that drug on and on a little bit too long. During the walk I'm taking pictures of things I like. Mom and Carmen are up front and Dad and Jerry are walking behind Mark and I when I notice a little detail on the bottom of a lamp post on the curb. The lamp post was old fashioned looking, cast iron, and had been painted over and over again to keep it looking good. At the bottom of this pitch black lamp post was the colorful coat of arms of the City of Dublin. So I squat down and try to get close enough to the coat of arms to make it fill the view finder of my camera. I'm trying to keep my balance, center the picture, keep my hands from shaking and take this picture. This was before digital cameras so I'm sweating all the details because I can't just take 30 pictures and later pick the best one. I'm finally satisfied and I'm taking the picture when Mark sticks his hand into the picture and I end up taking a picture of the peace sign. Not even looking up I snap "Asshole", then look up from my camera to glare at my brother only to discover my Dad passing me instead & grinning his head off. Great, I just cussed my Dad. The morning we left Dublin I saw the Crazy Irish Lady pass by on a commuter bus, I guess she was trying to throw off CIA pursuit...

There are lots of stories about my Dad, telling them make me feel close to him...

Friday, June 26, 2009

TOMBSTONE is my favorite Cowboy Movie...

Some quotes from the movie...

Johnny Tyler ~ "I swear, it's like I'm playin' cards with my brother's kids or somethin'. You nerve-wrackin' sons-a-bitches. "

Doc Holliday ~ "You're no daisy! You're no daisy at all. Poor soul, you were just too high strung."

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson ~ "Nobody move!"
Doc Holliday ~ "Nonsense. By all means, move."

Texas Jack ~ "You ever seen somethin' like that before?"
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson ~ "Hell, I never even heard of something like that."

Sherman McMasters ~ "Where is he?"
Doc Holliday ~ "Down by the creek, walking on water."

Doc Holliday ~ "It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds."

Wyatt Earp to Ringo ~ "He's drunk."
Doc Holliday ~ "In vino veritas." (translation: In wine is truth)
Johnny Ringo to Doc Holliday ~ "Age quod agis." (translation: Do what you do)
Doc Holliday to Ringo ~ "Credat Judaeus apella, non ego." (translation: The Jew Apella may believe it, not I)
Johnny Ringo to Doc Holliday while patting his gun ~ "Eventus stultorum magister." (translation: Events are the teachers of fools)
Doc Holliday smiling at Ringo ~ "In pace requiescat." (translation: Rest in peace)
Fred White ~ "Come on boys. We don't want any trouble in here. Not in any language."
Doc Holliday ~ "Evidently Mr. Ringo's an educated man. Now I really hate him."

Wyatt Earp ~ "Are you gonna do something? Or just stand there and bleed?"

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson ~ "Why you doin' this, Doc?"
Doc Holliday ~ "Because Wyatt Earp is my friend."
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson "Friend? Hell, I got lots of friends."
Doc Holliday "...I don't."

Going into work early to pick up some books for a special order for a Teacher

I'm driving all over town this morning to pick up enough books to fill a HUGE special order for a Teacher. We have a Summer Reading program where if you read enough books you get a book for free. Two Teachers are using our program to motivate their Summer School Students to read more. One of the books 15 kids chose as their book is out of stock so I scoured the District and found enough for those kids. 15 out of 173 books is not that big of a deal but I didn't want to have to tell the Teacher to have her students chose a different book, so I'm mobile...

David<~~~~~~~~bragging not complaining!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Every day has the potential to be better than the one before...

...and I seriousily hope today is better than yesterday!

David<~~~~~~~sick of being SICK!
(one of my claims to fame is that Fergie once sweated on me)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In my head, I think I'm a combination of these three characters...




(But in my defense, I never did wear a vest)

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~child of the 80's

(and in my head I am always dancing)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love Games Workshop and Forgeworld...


If they are able to prove the existence of God it will have something to do with peanut encrusted caramel covered apples...

(I'm just saying)

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~even ate the stem!
(it was caramel covered and so fair game)

Snooky likes what I eat better...

I was going to be one of those dog owners that never fed table scraps to their dog (strike one). I was going to be one of those dog owners that never puts clothes on their dog (strike two). In my defense, Boston's do get cold in the Winter, and the red 'hoodie' that had AMERICA printed on the back really looks good on her. I was going to be one of those dog owners that never talks baby talk to their dog..."Who's a good girl?" "Who's a good girl" "Snook-Snook that's who!" "Yes that's you, Snooky-Wooky Doo!" (OK I made up that last part, but reality is pretty close). I am so sedate compared to the life Snooky led in TX. We go on walks but Snooky is used to MUCH more fun and I feel bad. This is my excuse for wanting another dog. I would love to have a French Bulldog or another Boston. Snooky LOVES dogs and people. Since I can't buy a person for her to play with (silly laws), I should be the responsible dog owner and buy her a dog to play with. ::sly grin:: If I get a boy dog I will name him Spartacus. If I get another girl dog I will name her Scout. I'm not planning anything drastic soon but I am always on the look out...

(When Snooky jumps up on the sofa to come see me she always drapes herself across my chest and smells my breath, she's convinced that I eat better things than she does)

David<~~~~~~~does buy dog treats for his dog!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Did I ever mention that my Dad was mentioned in a Tom Clancy book?

The name of the book is INTO THE STORM (A Study In Command) written with Gen. Fred Franks Jr. (Ret). Page 227, 6th paragraph down, second line and it reads: "On 6 December, Franks made a three-day return trip to Saudi Arabia with Corps staff Don Holder and 3rd AD chief Jerry Smith to personally greet the first arriving units from the 2nd ACR." I have it marked with a bookmark and it sits on my self with my other Military books. I once googled my Dad's name and I discovered he had been quoted in the NYT, here is the link to that article...

Dad didn't remember talking to the reporter, I sent him the link about a year ago when I found it...


That was what was lettered across my baseball cap. Manhattan KS was the Indians and the team color was blue. I wore that cap everywhere. I was in Boy Scouts and I always helped out on the Scout Projects of the other Scouts in the Troop. In Manhattan KS if you weren't born there you were the 'new guy'. If your Dad was a Soldier you were looked down on. Manhattan KS is full of snobs (I suspect till this very day that is probably still true). At some point while working on the Scouting Project at Paul's house, someone (I believe it was Bruce) took my cap. Standard game of pick on 'The New Guy'. In all honesty, I was tired of taking their crap. Not understanding how vulnerable they were to retaliation I took Bruce's bike. "Give me back my cap". 'Give me back my bike first'. That was the general conversation (with a liberal dosage of cuss words, we WERE Boy Scouts after all and we all cussed). Impasse. David leaves with Bruce's Bike. Bruce is red faced mad. Peddle off, circle block. Come back to Paul's house. "Give me back my cap". 'Give me back my bike first'. Various threats, more cussing. Peddle off, circle block. Come back to Paul's house. "Give me back my cap". 'Give me back my bike first'. Specific threats to burn my cap. Specific threat to push Bruce's bike into oncoming traffic. Peddle off, circle block. Come back to Paul's house. They are dousing my cap with lighter fluid. Hopping mad I peddle off in search of a busy intersection. Dean follows me on his bike. How do you spell HYPOCRITE? D-E-A-N. Dean was the ringleader in orginally snatching my cap off of my head. 'David you can't push Bruce's bike into Traffic' 'Dave you have to be a better person' (did I mention that Dean later went on to be a Minister?) I come back to Paul's house, they light my cap on fire. I tear off so mad I can't even see straight. Long story short, I didn't push his bike in front of traffic. I wouldn't want to hurt someone or their car. And I wouldn't want to damage a bike that costs a lot more than a baseball cap. I bring the bike back and I get my baseball cap back. They are cussing a lot and they think they forced me to bring back the bike. My baseball cap has a hole burned thru the back of it and it smells like lighter fluid. I wore that cap everywhere until it wore out. I don't try and explain to them my reasons for not damaging the bike, they wouldn't understand. I see some of them online on and on Facebook. I don't contact them, and I don't answer their requests. They are not my friends. They are just people that I knew in High School and they taught me something about myself. It's OK to stand on your own, and always do the right thing, even if it's hard, and even if you're hopping mad...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~Army Brat!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A little comment on temper tantrums...

Yesterday I spent more time in Airports than most people spend in them all year long. Ate breakfast, lunch AND dinner in Airports. They had diverted 60+ Flights at the Killeen Airport and had cancelled MOST of the Flights at the Dallas Airport. I made it out of Killeen to Dallas on one of only two Flights that went that day (I am a LUCKY guy, and I have a secret weapon...TIF!). AnyWHO...arriving in Dallas I was reminded of how small people become when they are inconvenienced. I know some people missed work, vacations, weddings, anniversaries, the bedside of a sick relative, and other tragic personal events, and that is hard on people. BUT! I was embarrassed to be a Human Being yesterday watching all the Temper Tantrums people were throwing at ticket counters in the Airport. I wanted to walk up and straighten the little sailor hats they were wearing with their Little Lord Faulteroy outfits and hand them a lollipop. Cussing the rain makes you a fool, lots of fools in the Airport in Dallas yesterday. People were rescued by boats in Dallas due to the Thunderstorms. The Airport had put out COTS for travelers in the hallways! It was a sea of humanity at every Airport Gate. Every time I encountered an Airport worker behind the counter I reminded them of how many people they had helped today and thanked them for their hard work. Because I work in Management and have to handle large crowds in my job I sympathize with other people that have to work with logistics and make hard decisions like closing an Airport for half of a day and cancelling flights. Travel Workers of the World, I SALUTE YOU!

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~glad to be back in STL!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm taking Tif to the Wentzville Ren Faire this Sunday

Geoff, Dawn and their two kids are going also. Should be fun...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Blast From The Past...

Mom & Dad are being honored at Ft. Hood next Wednesday

Mom & Dad have been picked to be "Good Neighbors" at Ft. Hood. Twice a year they pick a couple that goes above and beyond to support the Military and their Families at Ft. Hood. I am flying down to Texas to attend the 'Coat & Tie' Function with my Mom. I just read a newspaper article about my Father's death that I had missed before:

I miss my Dad...