Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm back at work...

I returned to work yesterday. I am a lucky guy to work with the good people at my Store. Most of them were in the breakroom when I arrived and had a "Welcome Home" banner hanging over my office and shouted greetings and well wishes when I arrived. They had made a scrapebook for me of the night of the Inventory (which they had handled while I was out) and I had lots of cards from people that I work with in the Company waiting for me in my office. It was really touching to see the support I received from my friends. The day went pretty fast as I caught up on 3 weeks worth of emails and memos that I had missed. All day long all I could think of was how I wished that I wasn't there, and people wouldn't be handling me like they were.

here is what one co-worker wrote on the card:

"David, My sister and I parted in the same way as you lost your loved one. I remember that night watching Johnny Carson's monolouge thinking 'How can the world keep going? The world should stop for a day.' I want you to know that when I got the news, my world stopped for the rest of my day thinking of you and your family."

I knew she understood and it made it a little better...

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