Thursday, April 30, 2009

It sneaks up on you

Yesterday at work I was walking down the aisle and found a new endcap that had been put up in my store and I stopped to look at it because it was Puzzle Books. Started going through them picking out the books I knew he would like so I could ship them to him...

David<~~~~~~misses my Dad

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One of my co-workers is going to Scotland on her vacation...

...and it set me to remembering the Mount Royal Hotel in Edinburogh Scotland where my family stayed on our UK Trip! Here are some pictures I found of the Hotel on the Internet...

David<~~~~~wishes I was going to Scotland too!

I'm back at work...

I returned to work yesterday. I am a lucky guy to work with the good people at my Store. Most of them were in the breakroom when I arrived and had a "Welcome Home" banner hanging over my office and shouted greetings and well wishes when I arrived. They had made a scrapebook for me of the night of the Inventory (which they had handled while I was out) and I had lots of cards from people that I work with in the Company waiting for me in my office. It was really touching to see the support I received from my friends. The day went pretty fast as I caught up on 3 weeks worth of emails and memos that I had missed. All day long all I could think of was how I wished that I wasn't there, and people wouldn't be handling me like they were.

here is what one co-worker wrote on the card:

"David, My sister and I parted in the same way as you lost your loved one. I remember that night watching Johnny Carson's monolouge thinking 'How can the world keep going? The world should stop for a day.' I want you to know that when I got the news, my world stopped for the rest of my day thinking of you and your family."

I knew she understood and it made it a little better...

What does it feel like to accidently inhale a fly and then bite through it with your teeth?


Friday, April 24, 2009

early tomorrow morning I head back to STL...

I miss Tif. I leave early tomorrow morning and Snooky and I travel back to our home in St. Louis. I tell you one thing I won't miss: Texas Tailgaters! There are bad drivers in STL, really bad drivers in DC, and I always know what to expect from anyone with NY license plates, BUT. Texas has an unique type of bad driver I call the Texas Tailgaters. This particular idiot roars up on your bumper (I'm talking about 4 feet from your trunk), and sits there at 60-70 mph, waiting for their chance to pass you. In TX there is a tradition of slowing down and partially driving on the paved shoulder to allow faster cars to pass you on country roads. This polite practice has led to abuses by half brain dead drivers that expect you to do that and they communicate their wishes by rubbing bumpers with you. It is very scary to have a vehicle fill your rear view mirror. These very same people then roar around you usually when there is barely enough room to pass and merge back into traffic. Texas Tailgaters, I hope you get a ticket and your insurance rates go through the roof...

David<~~~~~~~driving back to Missouri Saturday morning!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Brother made it back to Afghanistan finally...

Mark flew out of Atlanta last Sunday and finally made it to Afghanistan today. His bags made a detour to Amsterdam but then wandered to their correct destination. Here is a picture of the inside of the Army plane Mark finally arrived back to Afghanistan in...

David<~~~~proud of his little Brother!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ASHLEY has been found!

Here is the message that Rachel (Ashley's Mom) put on her Facebook page: "Happy to inform everyone that Ashley has been found. She is safe & sound. Within minutes after KRCG's 5 pm news broadcast, Ashley was located. We would like to thank everyone for their prayers & assistance. Our faith in humanity was restored by your wealth of love & friendship. Please pass along our gratitude to all of your friends & family that may have helped in our search. Our appreciation is endless. xoxo."

SUCH good news...

Happy to report I am smarter than an Emu (but not by much)

Hello Faithful readers,

I'm still in TX and I will drive back to STL this Saturday. I am seriously missing the GF. Yesterday it fell to me to open the Chicken Coop in the morning so the chickens that were locked up last night (to protect them from predators) could get to water and forage for their food. PROBLEM. The Chicken Coop sits about ten feet into the enclosure that houses two overly protective Emu parents. So I throw in some chicken scratch for the chickens, the Emus threaten me. I talk soothingly to them, the Emus threaten me. I stand still and act calm, the Emus threaten me. I move to a different location, the Emus threaten me. No more 'Mr. Nice Guy'. Scream at the Emus, nothing. Pelt the Emus with small stones, nothing. Clock the Emu upside the head with the handle of a hoe, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. Bang the hoe against a metal trash can lid, nothing. An hour passes like this. The Emus wander off away from the now boring man beating a hoe against a metal trash can lid. I wait until the female is far away and the male is sorta walking away and enter the Chicken/Emu enclosure. Holding the hoe in front of me like a lance and gripping the trash can lid like a shield I advance. No sign of the Emus. Open the Chicken Coop door and fasten the chain so the chickens can get back in but the Emus can't and turn back to the gate. The hair stands up on the back of my neck as I retreat. When an Emu comes for you they come with their head low. They hiss at you and snap their beaks shut loudly. When they rear up to their total height they stand at about 6 feet tall and leap at you as they try to disembowel you with their huge sharp claws. Have you seen 'Jurassic Park'? Think Velociraptor. Luckily they were bored with trying to get at me. I make it out of the Chicken/Emu enclosure with my dignity and hide intact (I did NOT look silly carrying a trash can lid shield)! So I am happy to report that I am smarter than an Emu. But it was a close call...

David<~~~~ancestral enemy of the Emu Clan

(who knew?)

(not a picture of one of our Emus, I wouldn't expose my expensive camera to their shenanigans)

Friday, April 17, 2009

A partial list of my current 'Ranch Chores'

  1. make a bottle for the baby goat and feed it
  2. feed the horse
  3. feed the cattle
  4. count the cattle
  5. go to town for Ranch supplies
  6. move a pile of lumber
  7. cut the Great Pryenees puppy's head out of the fence (he tried to climb through it)
  8. feed the dogs
  9. feed the cats
  10. feed the chickens
  11. feed the goats
  12. cut the Great Pryenees puppy's head out of the fence (he tried to climb through it again)
  13. take vegetable trash out to the emus
  14. smack the emus (they have chicks and are being aggressive)
  15. help hook the trailer up to the pick'm up
  16. help unhook the trailer from the pick'm up
  17. go to town and deposit donations into the Scholarship Fund set up in my Dad's name
  18. take people on a tour of the Ranch in the pick'm up
  19. move the Great Pryenees puppy to a different part of the goat corral
  20. walk the Ranch and pick up old wire/metal
  21. collect eggs from the hen's 'hidden' nests
  22. take a picture of the Peacock

David<~~~~~~~~Ranch Hand!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Father passed away a week ago today...

Wednesday, January 29, 1941 - Sunday, April 5, 2009
My Parents were in a rollover car accident a week ago today. My Father Jerry Smith was killed. My Mother was banged up pretty bad but is now out of the Hospital. The Viewing was last Wednesday evening and the Funeral was on Thursday. The Copperas Cove/Ft. Hood community really pulled together and supported my Family, it was nice to see how many people love my parents. Mom & Dad's side of the family were here and were a big help. I've taken off of work for a while to help take care of Family Business. I will be writing down my thoughts and memories of my Dad here on my Journal and posting pictures when I find new ones. It is very important never to let anything interfere with the relationships of your loved ones. Never pass an opportunity to tell them you love them. Luckily I have no regrets...

Friday, April 3, 2009

One of the reasons I like frogs...

I have never kept Red Eye Tree frogs but I may someday, I love the colors, I love the sounds, I love the behaviors, I love cryptosis, I love frogs...

Thursday, April 2, 2009