Monday, March 9, 2009

Weird Commute

Weird. That is the only way to describe the drive home from work today. Two things you have to know about me. ONE: I'm very polite, especially to people that work Retail. It's something I picked up from my Father, and from my long career working in Retail. TWO: I have been known to embarrass people that I ride with. I tend to sing along with the radio (I can't change pitch, I just change volume), head bob, play the drums on the steering wheel and all around dance while sitting down. OK, now on to my unusual commute.

I pull into a gas station to fill up with. I run inside because I needed some soda and potato chips to go along with the grinder my ASM brought me from Amighetti's. I walk into the station and circle to the left because I want to see what kind of hot dogs they have on their warmers. There is a Clerk working in that part of the store talking to a guy by the slushie machine. She looks up at me and shouts 'WHAT?' I look around assuming she is talking to someone else, but no it's me. She turns around and ignores me and continues talking to the 'Slushie Guy', then as I pass by her, she looks me straight in the eye and says, "All I ask is that when I bend over you don't hit me on the back of my head". Then she leans over to fill something next to the hot dog warmer. I'm thinking she must be kidding, then realize something is really wrong with this lady. I scuttle over to the check out with my Doritos and Diet Dr. Pepper to pay. The Clerk runs over to the other register and shouts for the 'Slushie Guy' to come to her register to check out and then has a complete conversation with him that made no sense and I cannot even tell you what she said because I don't even think she was speaking English. I take my Doritos and Diet Dr. Pepper and flee...

As I'm driving home I end up behind a guy that lives in the same apartment complex that I do. He has the music in his car GOING FULL BLAST. He is "Head Banging" so hard that I alternate between looking at the back of his head and the top of his head. Then I realize he has a tambourine in his right hand and is accompanying himself as he drives. At about that moment I notice that he is looking at me in his side mirror. I can see his full face, he is staring right at me and not at the road. He's not embarrassed, he is almost "in your face" about his singing along with the music and playing his tambourine. I'm about 4 miles away from home and he is driving the car right in front of me the WHOLE way looking at me in the side mirror, singing at the top of his voice, 'Head Banging', and shaking his tambourine. As we pull into the apartment complex I start to think, does he know I live here, or does he think I'm following him. So as he drives past my apartment I pull into my parking place and sit in the car for a while trying NOT to make eye contact with him just in case he has something else in the car besides a tambourine. That is how my commute went today. Weird...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crazy Clerk Attracting Rocking Out Tambourine Player Follower!

(you cannot make this stuff up)

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